15 Years Of Stupid Wars For Jews And Open Borders Mark Anniversary Of 9/11 Attacks

Published On 09/11/2016 | By infostormer | Featured Articles, Jewish Problem, News

Today is the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.  Like the JFK assassination, people have argued back and forth endlessly about the specifics of what may or may not have happened that day.  While I do think it is important to understand that the 9/11 Commission did not provide a full accounting of what happened, we will never come to a 100% universally agreed upon consensus of everything that took place.  It is much more important for us to understand who gained the most from these attacks and what agendas were advanced as a result of them over the last 15 years.

Clearly the group of people who have gained the most from these attacks were Jews.  Let’s go over some of the key points.

Dancing Israelis

The Israelis had assets in New York City who were caught filming the Twin Towers before the attacks and celebrating them as they happened.  It is obvious based on this and numerous other factors that the Israelis had foreknowledge and involvement in the attacks themselves.

Larry Silverstein

The Twin Towers were owned by the Jew Larry Silverstein who just so happened to take out a massive insurance policy protecting the buildings from a terrorist attack in the months before 9/11.  Silverstein would eventually receive an enormous settlement.

Global War On Terror

George W. Bush’s regime was filled with Jewish neoconservatives and Zionists who helped craft foreign policy after the attacks.  The main result of these policies was Bush unilaterally declaring a never ending global war on terror that had no clearly defined goal or objective.  This agenda has only caused widespread chaos throughout Middle East.  It has also resulted in an exponential increase in terror attacks throughout the West.  This has been a detriment to people of White European descent and those in the Arabic world.  It has been great for Jews though.


Even though 15 of the 19 plane hijackers were allegedly from Saudi Arabia, the first action made by Bush in this new war on terror was to bomb and invade Afghanistan.  The Taliban were accused of harboring Osama Bin Laden a CIA connected Saudi national who was alleged to have planned the 9/11 attacks.  No concrete evidence has ever been provided proving that Bin Laden did all of this from a cave in Afghanistan.  The invasion allowed the United States to setup a puppet ZOG in Afghanistan which is still fighting the Taliban today.  Jews thrive off of chaos and that’s exactly what you have today in Afghanistan.


In 2003, a second front in Bush’s Jew backed terror war opened up in Iraq.  Iraq’s leader Saddam Hussein was accused of having weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) based on bogus intelligence.  Jew and Zionist propagandists pushed the idea that Hussein was somehow linked to Bin Laden and had something to do with 9/11.  This was another lie used to justify invading the country.  Hussein was a strong man dictator opposed to Israel so his removal was of great benefit to the Jews.

Arab Spring

From 2010 through 2012, Western NGOs and intelligence operations helped organize and finance uprisings against various autocratic Moslem nations across North Africa and the Middle East.  This was done under the guise of democracy and human rights but all it did was usher in different levels of instability throughout the region.  Some leaders were overthrown which is what happened in Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen.  All of this has been great for Israel as it has made it more difficult for a coalition of strong Arabic nations to come together and potentially wage a new war against them.


In conjunction with the Arab Spring, the United States took this opportunity to take a much more active role in Libya.  Under the guise of protecting human rights, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton saw fit to invade the country and kill many people.  They backed Islamic terrorist groups and used American air power to overthrow Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.  Under Gaddafi, Libya had one of the highest standards of living on the continent.  Since his overthrow, the country has disintegrated into a failed state.  We now see countless numbers of Africans using it as a place to launch boats from in the hopes of invading Europe.  Gaddafi was another enemy of Israel so his removal was a great benefit to the Jews.


While it could be argued that Barack Obama’s decision to withdraw troops from Iraq was actually the best long term move, he did it in the worst way possible.  He did not ensure that the region could maintain stability following the removal of American military forces.  This was a major factor that helped spawn the birth of the Islamic State or ISIS.  The group has been waging a brutal war against Syria a secular country run by their popular leader Bashar Al-Assad ever since.  Syria has long been opposed to Israel so here we have another situation that has been good for Jews.


During and after the Arab Spring, the United States backed what they called “moderate” terrorist groups that they hoped could be used to overthrow the Assad government.  Most of these groups appeared to be affiliated or on friendly terms with ISIS.

In 2013, they went so far as to accuse Assad of gassing his own people with chemical weapons.  The proof presented was highly dubious if not outright comical.  Obama wanted to use this as an excuse to invade the country but ultimately decided against it after seeing widespread disapproval for military intervention among the American public.  Assad has since requested military assistance from Russia to help fend off ISIS and other subversive groups propped up by the American covert activities.  This is still on-going.

Open Borders

While the United States along with some of our NATO allies have been creating chaos in the Middle East, people from these same countries are being allowed to migrate into the West at record numbers.  The situations in Syria and Libya have especially aggravated this problem.  Jews in our own countries have played an active role in promoting this open borders madness while encouraging people from these regions to migrate into Europe.  They have specifically gone out of their way to demonize people who are against open borders as racists, xenophobic, Islamophobic etc..  As if it is a smart policy to bring in people from an area of the world that you’ve been bombing for the past 15 years.  Obviously you are going to find that some of these individuals are going to seek revenge.  The end result has been an increase in Islamic terror attacks throughout the West.  Prior to the 9/11 attacks this was not a widespread problem.  Jews benefit from having large minority populations in our nations as it allows them to more easily blend into the background and engage in their subversive activities.


It couldn’t be any more obvious that all of these post 9/11 policies from this never ending global war on terror represent the worst possible combination one could put together for America and Western civilization.  In fact, the global war on terror has created much more Islamic terrorism.  The real solution to thwarting this would be to remove all populations of Moslems from our lands and close national borders.  Crazy military adventures in the Middle East and elsewhere around the world is not needed to protect our nations.

Any retaliation for the 9/11 attacks should have been against Israel and Saudi Arabia.  They are the only countries that have definitive connections to the attacks themselves but we are told over and over again by the Jew media what great allies they are.

Obviously we are seeing the exact opposite approach being taken.  We have open borders along with endless military interventions conducted in the Middle East against Israel’s enemies.  This is because all of these policies have been created by Jews and passed on to their puppet politicians who they control through bribery and blackmail.  Hillary Clinton is a perfect example of this.  They have manipulated our countries to bomb their Arab enemies while attempting to demographically replace White Europeans through open borders and mass migration.  Make no mistake about it, they view us as just as much of an enemy as the Arabs.

If there is any good news it is that people across the West are realizing that they have been betrayed by their leaders.  That’s why we see a rise in European nationalism and other more positive political developments.  Assuming we can put Donald Trump in the White House we have a chance to move things in a proper direction.  If Hillary Clinton becomes President, there will be no chance of this.  We will see a massive escalation of these insane policies which will only help her evil Jewish masters.

In the short term, we need to end these stupid wars for the benefit of Jews and close the borders.  All Jews and non-Whites must be removed from positions of power within our nations.  Failure to do so will result in the racial and national suicide of the West.


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11 Responses to 15 Years Of Stupid Wars For Jews And Open Borders Mark Anniversary Of 9/11 Attacks

  1. Schlomo Joostein Schlomo Joostein says:

    Draw your own conclusions goyim

  2. Spahnranch69 Spahnranch69 says:

    Excellent analysis and commentary, Mr. Stormer. There’s a persistent rumor that the Twin Towers were in need of a massive renovation, including the removal of tons of asbestos. That project would have cost the jew Larry Silverstein a fortune. How fortunate for him that the entire complex was destroyed a few weeks later and he got compensated by his insurers twice for his loss, because there were two towers. He’s not called ‘Lucky Larry’ for nothing!

    What’s more, the WTC was built with the understanding it would be a public works project like an airport or a freeway. That being the case how could the Port Authority of NY and NJ legally lease it out for 99 years to a private party like Larry Silverstein?

    Jewish Privilege…..ain’t nothin’ else like it.

    • infostormer infostormer says:

      You are right. The renovations would have cost an insane amount of money. It was to their benefit to blow up the buildings as it allowed a mass urban renewal project to take place in the aftermath. They just didn’t care that the project cost thousands of people’s lives.

    • thegreennazi thegreennazi says:

      Jewish lightning on a global scale.

      Don’t forget the 20 foot hole in the pentagon where a 200 foot hole should have been.

      hahaha thegreennazi strikes again

  3. Poseidon says:

    The reason the first war was fought against Afghanistan is that the Taliban had banned opium production in the summer of 2000. By 2001, Afghan opium poppy cultivation slumped to virtually zero. It rocketed after the 2001 invasion and regime change, so the obvious conclusion is that the Taliban’s opium policy hit trafficking profits of the CIA and the Mossad, which gave Jews and Zionist cucks a powerful motive for regime change.

    The reason most of the “hijackers” were allegedly from Saudi Arabia is that the Mossad, and its assets the Israeli “art students” who had the job of finding Arabs to frame as the patsies, were aware of the fact that Saudi Airlines was cost-cutting by eliminating flight engineers from its three-member crews, and the flight engineers had been sent to Florida for pilot training. Some of those engineers completed training shortly before 9/11/01 and returned to Saudi Arabia. The fact that they were no longer in Florida would be cited as ‘evidence’ of their “guilt”, and if they protested that they were alive and innocent and living in Saudi Arabia, it would be dismissed as a case of mistaken identity. No less than fifteen of the nineteen alleged hijackers were living in and around the Hollywood, Florida area, and many Israeli spies – most posing as “art students” – were also operating in the vicinity. In 2000/2001, Israeli “moving companies” and at least five of the alleged nineteen “Arab” hijackers operated from the same 3389 Sheridan Street, Hollywood, Florida mailbox address at the same time, with different suite numbers. Hanan Serfaty (or Sarfati) was a spy team leader. One of the so-called “dancing Israelis”, Yaron Shmuel, was also active in the area.

    Hollywood, Florida has quite a sizeable Jewish community (already 23,000 strong by 1971), and since 1987 has been a sister city to Herzliya, Israeli, the home of the Mossad’s Interdisciplinary Center, the origin of the September 13, 2001 article from Don Radlauer claiming that navigating the 9/11 planes would have been an “easy” task for the “hijackers”, and the likely origin of the Odigo instant message providing two hours’ advance warning of the attacks on the WTC.

    Osama was chosen as the scapegoat because his family were business partners of the Bush family, and Osama was dying of kidney disease. No matter that Osama denied responsibility for the attacks several times in September 2001, the family clearly decided that accepting a bribe, priority flights out of the US, and making him into a martyr was more important than Osama’s own wishes. The CIA would eventually admit to having created tapes in which their “darker-skinned employees” acted the roles of “Osama” and his cronies, a video would be luckily ‘found’ in one of the many houses in Jalalabad (population estimated at roughly 250,000 as of 1999) featuring a well-built, dark-skinned, right-handed man with a beard and turban admitting responsibility for the 9/11 attacks, and the fearsome terrorists named “the database” would choose to broadcast the tape through Dick Cheney’s “old friend and business associate” the Emir of Qatar’s Al-Jazeera “Arabic” channel, along with further tapes that were broadcast whenever Bush needed to boost his popularity (such as just before the 2004 election). It was supposed to be purely coincidental that the Emir visited the US from October 2 through to October 5, 2001, to meet Cheney along with George W. Bush, Colin Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Myers, and then met his pal Cheney again on October 20 to discuss the “Osama” interviews. And we had to believe that each “Osama” was really the same man; he just happened to be ambidextrous, had a fluctuating weight and height, a variable skin color, was a staunch Republican, and was prone to changing his mind.

    Eventually, when it was decided the Obama admin could no longer go on pretending a man who’d died in December 2001 was still alive, they had to enlist the help of an asset in the Kakul Pakistan Military Academy who could note some local (within about ten minutes’ drive of the Academy) aging gentleman with a beard and turban who could be passed off as “Osama bin Laden”. They would brief Navy SEALs with the photo and con them into thinking it was Osama, have them murder the male members of the family (whose name was Khan) in cold blood, claim one of the victims was “Osama” and another was Osama’s “courier”, dump “Osama’s” body in the ocean and call it “burial at sea”, make an unsubstantiated assertion that the identity of “Osama” was confirmed by “DNA analysis”, and have 22 of the SEAL Team Six members wiped out in a chopper crash in Afghanistan. To any surviving SEALs involved in the killings, it would serve as a warning not to say anything that would demolish the legend. The fact that “Osama” had supposedly been living for years right under the nose of the Pakistani military would be dismissed as a strange coincidence.

    As for war, regime change and destabilization in Iraq, Libya, Syria in preparation for a Greater Israel, Richard Perle was the lead author of a 1996 paper entitled A Clean Break, for the attention of Benjamin Netanyahu, who was then the new Israeli premier. It advocated “removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq”, “weakening, containing, and even rolling back Syria”, and changing the nature of Israel’s “relations with the Palestinians, including upholding the right of hot pursuit for self defense into all Palestinian areas”, which it described as “a justifiable practice with which Americans can sympathize”.


    Jews certainly love an influx of alien invaders, because it lets them blend into the background by establishing mass immigration and an increasing alien minority as the new norm. They also like the way it undermines and damages the host population’s civilization and culture.

  4. Billy Ray Jenkins says:

    This is so obvious that USA Foreign policy is Zog Policy anyone who doesnt know this should just leave planet Earth. If you still think all wars are not Jew wars and Jews are innocent you are BRAIN FRIGGIN DEAD

  5. Primarius Krone Primarius Krone says:

    So … Anyone googled Trump and Silverstein yet?

    “Larry Silverstein is a great guy, he’s a good guy, he’s a friend of mine.”

  6. thegreennazi thegreennazi says:


    hi slaves

    Local gifiltefish wrap the now Adelson family owned darn RJew says “pearl harbor” in the headline.

    Save the trees stop corporate greed

    lol cya slaves

  7. Irate Irishman Irate Irishman says:


  8. Metalwoman0420 Metalwoman0420 says:

    Brilliant! This is a Powerful, Insightful analogy. I’ve been reading it out aloud to individuals who are in need of waking up. …And it’s working.

    The eloquence of The Truth here is staggering.