22nd of Jan, 2016 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

Published On 01/22/2016 | By Shaun Surplus | Jewish Problem, Radio, Society

Please excuse the technical difficulties that we had on the broadcast this evening ladies and gentlemen. We have yet again had Telstra screw around with our lines and do yet more damage.

Telstra believe that because they own the copper wiring all around Australia, that is used for our communications, that they can fuck with other networks that use their copper wiring.

A good example is that iiNet hire the copper wiring from Telstra so that they may provide Internet and phone communications to people around Australia. Telstra do not like this, because they are capitalistic fuck’s, that like to monopolise which totally screws over the common Australian.

Telstra have a lot to answer for with their antics, and should be held accountable according to laws that do not allow monopolisation.

Telstra’s actions are not only manipulative, but are of stand over tactics when it comes to the other networks trying to compete, such as iiNet.

Dullard Australians are as much to blame in many ways because they elect Telstra as their network, often knowing full well what Telstra stand for and what bully tactics they use.

Wake up Australia! Stand for what’s right. Telstra have been screwing you for the better part of four decades and this needs to stop!

Boycott Telstra! Find a better network and help Australia.

On the show:

Shaun plays a few clips and speaks about the piece of jew loving filth Rand Paul. He then goes on to talk about movie brainwashing and the parasitic invader, among many other things.


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15 Responses to 22nd of Jan, 2016 Edition of TCTA w/ Shaun Surplus

  1. Spahnranch69 Spahnranch69 says:

    Shaun, @ 27:00 you talk about the Hegelian Dialectic as it applies to that Jim Carey movie The Truman Show. I’ve never seen that film but it sounds more like an example of Plato’s famous Parable/Allegory of the Cave, no?

    • Spartacus Spartacus says:

      No dude, it’s more a show about reality TV taken to the extreme. You should watch, it’s actually quite good despite the tokenism.

      • Spahnranch69 Spahnranch69 says:

        Thanks, I’m always on the lookout for good movies and books, so I will definitely check this one out!

        • Spartacus Spartacus says:

          If you’re looking for movies to watch, why not try some anime ones? Asura would be a good one to start with.

  2. Spahnranch69 Spahnranch69 says:

    @34:36 – There, you see? Boston isn’t quite as liberal as everyone thinks it is. In fact, it is one of the most segregated cities in the US. The coloreds in Roxbury, Dorchester and Mattapan know their place!

    • Max Heiliger Max Heiliger says:

      Agreed. I lived in Boston and at first was surprised at such a large and old city being almost totally segregated.


    So true…666 trillion OY VIES later-earth 2016-sheit hole.


    Yep[===2016 =hell in a hand basket-cop craved Black Pu&^Y-gets 263 years of cornhole=-behold=A fish rots from the headown=Dear leader Obumski

    • Spahnranch69 Spahnranch69 says:

      And to think the jewsmedia had the nerve to call that Oriental a ‘White’ cop! Inmates love welcoming snitches, molesters and former police officers into their ‘crib’.

    • Spahnranch69 Spahnranch69 says:

      Ah yes, the P-38 Walther, a fine weapon. It replaced the P-08 Luger Parabellum as the standard sidearm for Wehrmacht and SS officers in WWII.

  7. Politically Correct Nazi Politically Correct Nazi says:

    Great show like always Shaun.