Academic Study Finds That Right-Wing People Are More Attractive Than Leftist Filth

Published On 01/11/2017 | By Marcus Cicero | Featured Articles, News, Society

I’ve actually heard this same sort of thing multiple times throughout the years, and I’m pretty sure that I’ve come across similar studies at some point in the past.

But even if this were the first of its kind, the fact remains that such information flies in the face of what the Jews continuously bombard us with in the media, portraying Alt-Right men and women as inbred and obese trailer trash that would do well on a (((Jerry Springer))) episode just as well as at a Trump rally (or Whitefish March).

The study itself makes good points as to why our people are far better-looking than their Marxist opposites, mainly focusing on the idea that those who are innately superior tend to loathe egalitarian foolishness and acceptance programs for the untermenschen.

I can wholly understand this idea, although I would also argue the point that God/the Gods/Nature/Kek/whatever merely made us perfect in body AND mind.

We are what Man was intended to be, and all those to the Left are just mistakes – abominations that are merely cursed when things are broken down as simple as possible.

From The Independent:

Research has found that being attractive influences many things in a person’s life — their salary, their popularity and grades in school, even the prison sentences they receive. So why not their politics?

A recently published study in the Journal of Public Economics concludes that the attractiveness of a candidate does correlate with their politics. They find that politicians on the right are more good looking in Europe, the United States and Australia.

The study shows correlation, not causation, but the researchers float a simple economic explanation for why this might happen. Numerous studies have shown that good-looking people are likely to earn more, and that people who earn more are typically more opposed to redistributive policies, like the progressive taxes and welfare programs favored by the left.

The researchers also offer a more general psychological explanation for the trend: That good-looking people are often treated better than others, and thus see the world as a more just place. Past studies have found that the more attractive people believe themselves to be, the lower their preference for egalitarianism, a value typically associated with the political left.

In their first experiment, the researchers showed respondents photographs of political candidates in Finnish municipal and parliamentary elections, members of the European Parliament, U.S. candidates for Senate and governor, and candidates for Australia’s House of Representatives. They asked participants to rate the photographs on a five-point scale. The results suggested that politicians on the right are more beautiful on all three continents.

This fact of beauty and political ideology holds true during any period in modern history, as can be evidenced by a few brief image comparisons:


How about a couple of decades later?


And how about in the modern day? Has anything drastically changed to break the rule?


Nope. It looks like we’ve found another ironclad Rule of Nature.


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