ACLU Publishes Primer For Illegal Aliens, Instructs Them On How To Deceive Law Enforcement

Published On 02/12/2017 | By Marcus Cicero | Featured Articles, News, U.S. News

One of our main initiatives over the next year or so ought to be demands for President Trump to utilize Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate organizations such as the ACLU, ADL, and SPLC for crimes that include treason, sedition, and intimidation of American citizens.

To get their funds cut off, and to possibly have them labeled enemy groups, would be a victory that would likely prove to be one of the greatest aside from the Election victory itself.

And I suggest the government begin their hunt by focusing on the latest media release by the ACLU, which instructs illegal foreign infiltrators on how best to avoid arrest and deportation by immigration enforcement authorities.

From USA Today:

Roundups of undocumented immigrants across the country have sent immigrant rights advocates to social media, blasting out information in multiple languages on how those caught up in such raids should respond.

If Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents show up at the door, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) advises not opening it unless the agents can show a warrant signed by a judge.

“Ask to see it (through a window or slipped under the door,” the graphic, available in multiple languages, says.

ICE administrative warrants don’t allow agents to enter a home without the consent of the residents. Residents can ask through the door why the agents are there and request an interpreter if they need one.

If there is no warrant, ask the agents to leave information outside.

If the agents force their way into the home, “don’t resist. Tell everyone in the residence to remain silent,” the ACLU says.

If you are arrested “remain silent and do not sign anything until you speak to a lawyer,” the graphic said.

Folks need to understand that all of this advice, treasonous to the umpteenth degree, only has power so long as immigration officials adhere to the foolish idea that enemy combatants have Constitutional rights.

In reality, they most certainly do not, and can be rounded up, detained without reason, and deported if and when law enforcement decides to drop the coddling idiocy.

Keep pushing, ACLU, and sooner rather than later you’ll see your employees and leadership arrested for aiding foreign invaders, AND your advice mocked and disregarded as rambling hogwash.

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