Adolf Hitler’s 128th Birthday Is Today

Published On 04/20/2017 | By infostormer | Featured Articles, News, Society

As most of you already know, today is Adolf Hitler’s 128th birthday. I’ve written a small piece about Hitler over at the Daily Stormer that I’d encourage you to read. I discuss how Hitler’s political ideology represents the true embodiment of what Western civilization is supposed to be.

Hitler has been lied about perhaps more than any other man who has ever walked the planet. He was right about the destructive nature of the Jewish race. All of the horrible things we see happening today are from direct or indirect Jewish involvement. If we remove Jews from the equation, the creative forces of our people will be unleashed. Extraordinary things will be created and manifested. There is no question about this.

To celebrate, here’s a few new Joseph Retrostein clips that includes all sorts of footage from the NSDAP era.

Hail Victory!

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Notable Replies

  1. Adolph Hitler. A MAN for all seasons. A MAN for all times. He was and will always be THE FUHRER.

  2. I see Hitler as the embodiment of continental European civilization which is antisemitic by "default". Western extends and includes Anglo-Saxon culture , with its kosher seal of approval, and its "human rights" kikery.

    The Fuhrer always stressed the importance of the people (volk) for a reason. Gentile and nation often has the same meaning. For when the Jews say "destroy the gentiles" they don't mean physical harm, but destroy their national life, deny them their "volk" rights, their roots, the binding of a people to its soil, by hyper-politicizing them with "freedoms" promoted by the liberal-banking Jewish elite, which leads to phenomena like Femen, aggressive celebration of faggotry, degeneracy, uprooting, usury etc.

  3. Slav says:

    We slavs have been lied about hitler also. Operation barbarossa was an operation of freeing slavic people of communism. Wehrmacht soldiers were greeted as heroes by my people. My great grandmother told us stories about how the germans gave the children chocolates and how partisans and advancing red army soldiers or partisans stole pigs and raided homes. We fought alongside the germans hence the ss divisions that were formed. We shall never forget the 20-100 million slavs that wete killed thanks to communism which the jewish media has never mentioned
    We will also stand with the fuhrer and his beliefs as if he was our own.

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