Alex Jones Apologizes For Covering Pizzagate Child Sex Ring Scandal!

Published On 03/25/2017 | By infostormer | Featured Articles, News, U.S. News

It looks like someone has definitely gotten to Alex Jones over his coverage of the Pizzagate child sex ring scandal late last year.

Yesterday, Jones uploaded a video showing him reading a prepared statement apologizing for his Pizzagate coverage. He specifically apologized to James Alefantis the owner of the creepy Comet Ping Pong pizza shop who has been at the center of this whole pederasty fiasco.

They’ve disabled up/down voting and comments on the video which is highly unusual for their channel.

I’m not exactly sure what’s going on with this but it looks like Jones is either being sued, blackmailed or threatened in some capacity. I can’t remember Jones ever reading a prepared statement about anything.

What’s interesting is that Media Matters jumped all over the Jones apology. Media Matters is tied in with David Brock who is the faggot boyfriend of Alefantis.

This whole situation gives us even more reason to believe that Pizzagate is real.

Does anybody really believe that this random pizza shop faggot Alefantis would have the power to shut down people like this if Pizzagate wasn’t real? I certainly don’t. Alefantis must have some powerful people backing him up that are tied into what appears to be a sadistic child rape operation.

What do you guys think about this? Comments are welcome.

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Notable Replies

  1. The kikes probably threatened to pull their sponsors from his show and expose some of his deep dark secrets.

  2. That fat, cowardly fuck. I'm surprised Jew Wife Jones didn't offer to :kiss: J'aime les enfants' ass on camera as part of his groveling apology. Yet more proof that Infotainment Wars isn't worth a damn. No wonder Jones' operation never gets harassed by the ADL, SPLC, FBI, IRS, etc. That Pizzagate shit is even bigger than I thought! :pizza::pizza::pizza:

  3. There it is folks.
    The jews are trying to cover up pizzagate. IMO, the reason is because the players involved are big, and that it all leads back to isisrael. alex "it's never Israel or the jews" Jonestein, Paul Jewseph Watson and many others are controlled opposition. They are working together. This is how they do it.

  4. Call the child rapist at home:

    John Podesta

    Home Phone: (202) 244-5673

    He lives here with his wife Mary

  5. BBF says:

    Pizzagate is the REAL DEAL.

    Fat Boy Jones has just screwed the pooch.

    I'm supposed to believe that these tweets by Jimmy Comet, the "49th most powerful person in D.C." are innocuous?!?

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