Alex Jones Ex Jew Wife Is Trying To Jew Him Big League!

Published On 04/17/2017 | By infostormer | Featured Articles, Jewish Problem, News

Since the late 2000s I’ve probably been one of Alex Jones biggest critics. Some people think he’s part of a government conspiracy where as other view him as a profiteering snake oil salesman. He’s definitely a controlled opposition figurehead because he refuses to talk seriously about the Jewish problem. The main reason he never went into this material was because he was married to a Jewess and had Jewish children.

Well, it looks as if his former Jew wife is trying to take him to the cleaners. The Austin-American Statesman did a huge article on the legal troubles he’s been having with her. Check out this part of the article. Jones is paying his ex kike wife $43,000 a month and she’s wasted that away paying lawyers to extort more shekels from him. Talk about a kike bitch! There are lots of people who don’t make $43,000 in one year! How many shekels do you need you crazy Jew slut?

From Austin American Statesman:

Every record in the Jones case has been under seal since the divorce proceeding was initiated in Hays County in 2013. In January, the court denied Kelly Jones’ motion to unseal the record, granting a motion by Alex Jones — or simply A.J., as he is known in all the court filings — to keep them sealed

For good measure, Naranjo said last week she was placing a gag order on all the litigants.

At the previous pretrial hearing, on April 7, Naranjo ruled against Kelly Jones and her lawyers on a couple of key motions.

Earlier this year, her lawyers had moved to add to the trial a $7 million emotional distress tort claim against Alex Jones.

His lawyers said it was too late to prepare a defense against a new claim with 172 separate allegations. Naranjo agreed and promised to expedite a second trail on the tort claim.

“They’d like to drag it out for two years, and she’ll be crushed and she’ll be bankrupt,” said Robert Hoffman, the Houston attorney who is Kelly Jones’ lead counsel, in arguing for rolling the tort claim into the trial.

“She already is, for all practical purposes,” said Hoffman, who said she owed his firm $200,000, about all she had in the bank.

Her attorneys also filed a motion to require Alex Jones to help pay her interim legal fees to better enable her to rescue her children from his clutches.

“I don’t think there’s another case in Travis County with three children whose welfare hangs in the balance like this, except maybe a (Child Protective Services) case,” Hoffman said.

“This is a wonderful mother who has had her kids turned against her,” Hoffman said.

Wilhite said the crux of Kelly Jones’ problem is that she has gone through one set of lawyers after another and some $3.5 million since her divorce settlement, much of it pursuing fruitless motion after motion that actually cost her access to her children each step of the way.

And she already receives $43,000 a month from her ex-husband.

When I see shit like this, it makes me glad I never got married. I don’t care how good the pussy is, it is not worth this amount of trouble!

But this was kike pussy we are talking about so how good could it have been? Looks like Jones has gotten Jewed big league here!

Maybe if he finally admits to the world that he’s really Bill Hicks he could claim the marriage was null and void! That’d be my legal advice!

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