American Homeland Security Officials Head To Israel For Security Conference

Published On 11/08/2014 | By infostormer | Featured Articles, Jewish Problem, News

It is laughable that we see the United States send police chiefs and Homeland Security officials to Israel for a security conference.  The Israeli Jews have not only attacked an American Navy ship in the 1960s but they have engaged in numerous espionage operations against the United States.  Israeli Jews even had foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks and yet we send Homeland Security officials to Israel to learn about security?  Is this some sort of joke?

It is time to remove Jews from America and declare war on Israel.

From JTA:

U.S. officials will visit Israel to attend an international homeland security conference.

They will join police chiefs and homeland security officials from around the world for “Israel HLS 2014,” the third International Conference for Homeland Security, from Nov. 9 to 12 in Tel Aviv.

The participants from the United States include Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant; Balram Bheodari, the deputy general manager of Hartfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport; Dr. Robert Griffin, deputy under secretary for science and Technology at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security; and Timothy Manning, the deputy administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

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3 Responses to American Homeland Security Officials Head To Israel For Security Conference

  1. forbes mag says:

    OF COURSE Homeland Security officials are going to Israel for a security conference. That’s what the Department of Homeland Security IS FOR…the protection of Israel, not America, and the proof of that is right there IN THE NAME.

    Americans have never, ever in their history used the term “homeland”. We’ve never had any such jingoistic term like the Germany’s “fatherland” or Russias “motherland”, and certainly never “homeland”. But you know which group has used that term for centuries to refer to their ancestral place of origin? JEWS. It was the rat jews who have infiltrated our government institutions like Chertoff who named the department that after the 9/11 murders they carried out and blamed on arabs.

    So any jew in the know understands when they see that name Department of Homeland Security that its mission is to protect jews and Israel, using the power of the U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies under it like the CIA and FBI. The Department of Jewland Security was a coup, a take-over by jews of all our nation’s law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

    Jews are on their way to absolute control over us, a total enslavement of our people like they accomplished in Russia, and they will, let me stress WILL engage in the same terror and mass murder into the millions here in America that they did in Russia when they had that level of power and control. If you think it can’t happen here, then you know nothing about the biological jew and his paranoid, sadistic murderous brain.

    • dailyslave says:

      Yea – that’s why this a total war needs to be declared on these parasites. I want these people purged. I don’t care how it is done.