An Explanation As To Why We Should All Support Donald Trump

Published On 12/26/2015 | By infostormer | Featured Articles, News, U.S. News

Since I announced my intent to support Donald Trump for President, I keep hearing from certain people who don’t understand why I am doing this.  Therefore I have decided to provide a more detailed explanation to clear up any confusion that people have.

The vast majority of people who raise this question believe that the Trump campaign is part of some elaborate Jewish conspiracy to fool us into supporting him.  They point to his daughter being Jewish, him having business relationships with Jews, the photo he took with the Clintons and his declared support for Israel.  I absolutely concede that these are valid points of criticism but this does not prove that he is part of a vast Jewish conspiracy.

We really need to stop giving the Jews so much credit.  They do not control each and everything that ever happens.  The promotion of this idea is demoralizing and needs to stop.

First, we are talking about a billionaire who is self-funding his campaign.  He can’t be controlled by Jewish shekels.  So how exactly is he being controlled?  Blackmail?  There’s no evidence of that.

Second, as a businessman in New York City it was necessary for him and his company to be on friendly terms with politicians from both political parties and various Jews in the world of business.  There’s millions of Jews in New York City so he was bound to be dealing with them one way or another.  A point of criticism yes, but this does not prove that any of these Jews he’s done business with are directly controlling him.

Third, who his daughter marries is not evidence that he is controlled by Jews.  The argument makes no sense.  The only conclusion that can be drawn from this is that he doesn’t share the same views that the German NSDAP had on the Jewish question.

Fourth, the Jews already had a significant number of candidates that they could control with their shekels.  Why would they want an alpha male billionaire entering the race who they can’t buy off?  Especially one who is speaking out on various issues that contradict the political agendas that they favor.  They gain nothing from this arrangement.

Fifth, the Jew media has tirelessly attempted but failed to derail his campaign.  Their failure has now forced them to cover him continuously.  Both because he’s leading the GOP race and because he provides them with high ratings.  In addition, most Jewish media personalities are against him because he is opposing what they stand for.  To say that all of this effort went into staging this type of scenario is ridiculous.  It doesn’t benefit the Jewish power structure in any way.

Sixth, his expressed support for Israel is absolutely a valid criticism but also not evidence that he is directly controlled by Jews.  He supports establishing closer ties with Russia and is against overthrowing Syrian leader Bashar Al-Assad.  These stances do not correlate with the best interests of Israel.  If anything, it indicates that Trump is much more likely to do what’s right for America first.

With all that said, I don’t even care if the conspiracy promoters turn out to be correct about Trump.  Supporting him is still the right thing to do.  Like him or not, the Trump campaign is serving as a useful vehicle to inject increasingly more radical and nationalist ideas into the mainstream political discourse.  There’s already a large number of people behind him and his campaign is serving as a battering ram against political correctness.  These are all positives in our favor.

Even if Trump breaks all of his campaign promises we’ll at least have a White alpha male in the White House.  This marks a big improvement over the faggot monkey who is currently in power.  Plus, Trump is an entertaining figure.  He makes me laugh.  I consider that another positive.

Unfortunately, many of our people seem to believe in a weird form of intellectual elitism and don’t want to look at what is most practical to further our goals.  Instead, they promote speculative conspiracies to somehow make people think they are smarter than everyone.  This makes no sense to me.

What’s most practical right now is to support the Trump campaign.  I have yet to hear a better alternative from those supporting the Jewish conspiracy angle.  Their proposed alternative is to do nothing and proclaim how smart they are for doing so.

Obviously, I have many disagreements with Trump but if a large number of White Americans get behind him, there is at least a chance we can push things in the proper direction.

Every White American should absolutely cast a vote for Trump.  There’s is absolutely nothing to lose by doing so.

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53 Responses to An Explanation As To Why We Should All Support Donald Trump

  1. Schlomo Rothstein says:

    Well said Lee!!

  2. Gungnir says:

    I still have my doubts about Trump; I think most of here do, but I nevertheless completely understand your pragmatic approach to this situation.

    Regardless of how the Trump campaign turns out, we must be ever vigilant against the many threats towards our race. Even if a hypothetical Trump Administration of the USA openly endorsed the National Socialist ideology, that’s no excuse for any of us in any country to kickback and declare victory as there is still much work to be done.

  3. forbes mag says:

    Plus, supporting Trump is showing support for the positions he has espoused: deportation of all illegals, anti-feminism, anti-PC thought police, banning moslem immigration. If Trump is defeated, especially if the margin of his defeat is significant, the jew media will claim it is proof of repudiation of these positions of Trump’s and of the alpha White male in general.

    • spahnranch69 . says:

      That would look awesome on the bumper of my Cadillac, right next to the Rolling Stones logo.

    • Samantha W. says:

      That would make an amazing Trump poster or vehicle decal.

      • forbes mag says:

        Or a car magnet?

        • Samantha W. says:

          Totally awesome, I want one of those.

          • forbes mag says:

            The jpeg graphic I posted is hi-res so you can send it to any sign maker for flags, magnets, etc. I got my two car magnets from but they are sending me free replacements because they didn’t get the red right. I have a large flag on order from another company.

          • Samantha W. says:

            I’m seriously going to look into getting one, it will keep the rest of my items company.

          • spahnranch69 . says:

            I love your German WWI flag sticker, Miss S. Where did you get it?

          • Samantha W. says:

            Thank you, I purchased it on eBay a while ago

    • Benjamin's NutInMyYooHoo says:

      That. Is. Fantastic.

  4. Fascist Lemming says:

    you’re absolutely right lee. the anti trumps are just having a contest to see who’s the smartest. regurgitating conspiracy 101 does not make you smarter than me for being a trumptard. sorry.

    • KoolAid says:

      I’m feelin’ it too!!

    • infostormer says:

      Exactly – this is about using the Trump campaign to inject our ideas into the discourse. I could care less if it is eventually proven that Trump is part of a Jewish conspiracy or this whole thing is staged between him and the Clintons. It doesn’t matter to me.

  5. Panzerfaust says:

    It doesn’t take Perry Mason to figure out who suggested to Trump that he reinforce the lies of 9/11 and arrange meetings with Netanyahu and Adelson – the Zionist lobbyist with deep ties to the NY political machine and AIPAC he hired on as Political Director – Michael Glassner
    I will give Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt on this appointment and his parrotting of the agenda behind 9/11, there are many people who are successful in business yet ignorant on political matters, especially those issues aggressively obfuscated by the Jewish media establishment. However he better wake up fast and replace the infiltrator(s) within his campaign or a Trump presidency will be hijacked from the time he takes the oath of office.

    Every Trump supporter must read this article. Trump himself included.

  6. Samantha W. says:

    Excellent article lee. There is no other alternative. You can not reverse the positive National impact Trump has had on whites. We all need to stick together and vote Trump. Like you said, if anything, an alpha male in the Oval Office is a much better alternative then the current monkey man.

    Supporters scream white power at trump event.

    Trump support fuled by racism

    Deport all illegals – Trump

  7. spahnranch69 . says:

    I too am tired of all the cynicism and elaborate conspiracy theories around Trump’s candidacy. I normally don’t vote anymore because the whole system is a rotten joke, but Trump is really driving the jew-run government / media establishment crazy. And that’s good enough for me!

    • 5n4k33y35 says:

      I would trust Donald Trump more than many of the commenters here. Most of these disingenuous commenters express rabid racial hatred just like jews.

      There is no shortage of niggers and jews pretending to be white men here in these comments.

      • spahnranch69 . says:

        “There is no shortage of niggers and jews pretending to be white men here in these comments.”

        I often wonder about that. I am always carefully reading suspicious comments to see if there are any telltale signs of them having been written by a spade, a sheenie or a ZOG agent-provocateur.

      • Benjamin's NutInMyYooHoo says:

        Well said.

    • Samantha W. says:

      I agree, I’m registered independent, I’m going to change to republican to vote for Trump

    • infostormer says:

      I agree – generally speaking it is useless to vote because there is almost never any difference between the candidates. They’re almost always bought and paid for. Trump is different because there is a definitive purpose to support his campaign and no downside in not doing so.

  8. goy polloi says:

    I posted this on the DS and posting it here too as to why we should support Trump:


    Trump’s rhetoric and his campaign as a whole are built on demonstrating his independence from traditionally powerful interest groups.

    The fact that this behavior enjoys such support demonstrates that the key trends of American neo-liberalism are tacitly rejected by a large portion of American society. In supporting Trump, people demonstrate their opposition to “tolerance,” the priority of minority rights over the identity of the majority, and their rejection of feminism and the hypocritical foreign policy of the United States.

    Trump is turning the typically boring and senseless American election campaign into an exciting show. Postmodern nonsense is being answered with Trump’s eccentric madness, and he is winning.

    Trump has turned out to be a real nightmare for the lobby groups that have a large influence on both the foreign and domestic policies of the country. For example, the Israeli lobby has already received Trump’s official refusal to protect their interests.

    As mentioned before, Trump’s ideology is a postmodern version of American conservatism free from politically correct liberal illusions. His main idea is supporting the identity which has been eroded by mass migration, the education system, leading media, and the liberal politicians who have usurped power and enacted liberal cultural policies and gender politics with state power.

    Trump’s positions on foreign policy are classic realism, i.e., he subscribes to the idea that the world is a space where world powers balance their interests, and in which the world is not a place in which America should spread democracy and liberal values. Trump values power most of all and promises to make America strong again, but he also respects others’ power and the order which these powers create. The undemocratic nature of his opponents’ regime means nothing to him. He has a positive attitude towards both Vladimir Putin’s Russia and Bashar al-Assad’s Syria, and this is justified on the basis that, even though he is not their admirer, he is simply a realist. They are strong and the US has to negotiate with them rather than attempting to change their models, which results in chaos.

    Trump’s realism is a challenge to both the liberal globalists from the CFR and the US neoconservatives and various “liberal hawk” groups whose interactions have determined the overall balance of American foreign policy for the last 20 years.

    In the sphere of domestic politics, Trump challenges liberal hegemony, the institutional challenge of the traditional two-party system, and its mechanisms for lobbying and promoting the “right candidates.” Voting for Trump means choosing the candidate who does not represent the system of consensus of the secret elite.

  9. goy polloi says:

    They point to his daughter being Jewish, him having business relationships with Jews, the photo he took with the Clintons and his declared support for Israel.

    These are the same people who accuse Putin of being Jew-controlled because he enacts holohoax denial laws and is photographed with rabbis (or mullahs, it depends if you’re playing the anti-Jew or anti-Muslim shtick). Fuck them.

    • Shill Shillson says:

      Yep. Let’s nit pick Trump and hand the election to Shillary. Sounds like a hell of a plan. Which billionaire do you want calling the shots in the White House? Haim Saban or Donald Trump?

  10. Jeff Traube says:

    We applaud him for taking a stand for the border, against Political Correctness, and the biased media, and for Assad – while keeping wary of his opposition to Iran. We prefer someone with a pedigree like David Duke or Pat Buchanan; but if William Kristol, Charles Krauthammer and George Will are against Trump, we’re for him.

  11. huntress says:

    Here, here, well said.
    Trump is absolutely our last hope to save what is left of this country.

  12. Cucksmasher_14 says:
    • Samantha W. says:

      Great video, I like how Ron Paul comes in and trump flies in on an eagle.

      • spahnranch69 . says:

        Ron Paul is NOT in the same league as Rommel, Caesar and Voltaire. He is a cornpone and a con-man.

  13. Shill Shillson says:

    Jews are perfectly willing to take incremental steps to achieve their goals. We should be too. Adolf Hitler isn’t running in 2016. Donald Trump is. Is Trump a White Nationalist? Probably not. But he’s far better than anyone else running and absolutely we should all vote for him. If we don’t slow down or stop the Mexican invasion there won’t be a country left in 2020 or 2024. Whites will be a minority in the US and it will be game over.

    “..many of our people seem to believe in a weird form of intellectual elitism and don’t want to look at what is most practical to further our goals.” Bingo. It’s not all about Trump anyway. It’s about White Identity Politics. Trump is just a vehicle to advance the cause of our people. We can’t turn our noses up at a pretty damn good candidate like Trump hoping someone better will come along. If we do that Shillary will get elected then the Jews will have another feeding frenzy and gut whatever is left of the US.

    • Cucksmasher_14 says:

      I read that Trump’s biggest intellectual influence was Ann Coulter.

      Coulter’s biggest influence was Peter Brimelow, former Forbes editor and author of Alien Nation, whom the jews call a “White nationalist”:

      Alien Nation held that the US was undergoing profound demographic change, that his demographic change was bad and was unprecedented in the history of the world for a sovereign country to undergo such a change.

      Further, Brimelow said it is the right and duty of Americans to tilt the ethnic balance of the country back and we should not even have to build a case to do this; the burden of explaining yourself should be on those seeking to change the country’s demographics.

      • Shill Shillson says:

        This is music to my ears. It’s very possible Trump is one of us at heart and may be flying under the radar a bit until he gets elected. Can’t blame a guy for that.

        I have one question for all of our people who bash Trump: who the hell are you going to vote for if not Trump? Ted Cruz works for the Jews. Rubio – give me a break. Bernie Sanders the fucking Jew? Put down the crack pipe!

  14. AtomicMetroid says:

    I think you are clinging on to hope like all of us are with Trump. All the signs are there that he is a shill for the jews. But he’s the only runner we have seen that talks like a white man. But the thing is….if he turns out to be some fraud jew cuck like the rest of them, then that’s when an uprising happens. We cannot go any further forward with the jewish control of our stuff. We cannot.

  15. Gary Youse says:

    Ehh, still don’t really trust Trump but I would still support him on the 5% chance that he would get the fires started. The Jew has been a toxic plague on the west and I’d hope at the least that Trump could at least agitate the surface to soften the scud for white Americans to erode and wash away the Jews and their degenerate and destructive policies and culture with them.

  16. fukkinrokkin says:

    Hear here,,,very well put and have to of course agree

  17. Brutal Reality says:

    Trump’s comment about keeping muslims out of the country right after San Bernardino is just common sense. Everyone knows it. Only a complete idiot would disagree with it and yet nearly all of his Republican opponents have made disparaging comments about his position. Nearly all of them attempt to feed us this slobber about ‘good muslims and bad muslims’. The contempt they show for us and our intelligence is colossal.

    Unless Ted Cruz starts making a LOT of comments that make as much sense, Donald Trump will be in the White House in 2017.

  18. good column…trump is the best candidate for white america we have had in many many decades….as for all the aniti-jew stuff on this site and elsewhere…it is just nonsense…yes, jews are disproportionately rich…because they are smart and sober and hardworking and have a unified culture….etc etc etc.

    why do trump and other GOP pols support israel? Well, for one, because so many of their constituents are christians, and israel and the jews figure large in …the…wait for it….christian bible…israel is HOLY to many christians…

    • infostormer says:

      I’m glad to see that you are supporting Trump.. but the Jews are a subversive force in this country and in much of the West. The media, the Federal Reserve, Hollywood, etc.. are mostly run by members of the Jewish tribe. They are absolutely a problem that will need to be dealt with.

  19. Panzerfaust says:

    Hey baby Catylin ain’t got nothin’ on you!
    You’re as hot as ground zero molten iron!

  20. Herr Wolf says:

    it’s all fucking scripted BS

  21. paladins gun says:

    When Trump goes to Washington he’ll walk into the room where all the politicians are sitting around playing their games and he’s going to flip all the tables over on them. The politicians will say, “what, are you crazy or something.” Trump will say, “you can start over again but if I walk in here again and see your not playing the game I like, I’ll do it all over again.” The politicians are going to be scared of him. In other words, he’ll be exposing them for their corruption if they don’t play along with him and his game.

  22. d marino says:

    Trump is doing what America needs by ending all the “politically correct” b.s. America needs to return to calling a spade, a spade.

  23. d marino says:

    I just want him to get into that Whitehouse and start saying “you’re fired”, over and over and over again.

  24. IRONKRAFT says:

    If I was a US citizen, I’d be riding the trump train.

  25. ps mike says:

    I think Hillary may be a better choice. Donald jumped in after he milked the system just like everyone else. I agree with Trump that we can’t wait another 4 to 8 years to fix things, so I’d rather see America go down and fucktard zogbot veterans keep getting shit on. Then maybe they’ll grow a real pair and fight here in our streets, which I would be happy to join. Death to America. I hated it when I heard Matt Heimbach first say that, but it’s grown on me. Trump is a liar when he says we have to pay our 19 trillion debt. It’s unpayable! If we have real chaos on the streets of America once Hillary is in, we will come out of that with ZERO debt. Fuck Trump for saying we have to pay that 19 trillion in debt at every speech. That debt lined his and jewish pockets. Don’t get me wrong, I am cheering him on for destroying establishment politcs, but in the end, you don’t get debt repudiation without armed conflict. Death to America and embrace the civil war!

  26. Zazz says:

    VIDEO NH GOP lawmaker heckles SHillary Clinton over Bill Clinton’s sex scandals