Audi’s Pro-Feminist Super Bowl Ad Gets Savaged By YouTube Community

Published On 02/02/2017 | By infostormer | Featured Articles, News, Society

Audi’s pro-feminist Super Bowl advertisement has been disliked by over 90 percent of YouTube users who liked or disliked the video. Not a very good ratio. Their new ad promotes female supremacist gibberish about equal pay and other garbage that nobody wants to hear about. Don’t they get that it is the year 2017? Feminism is now a widely hated and despised political ideology that is universally mocked.

Below is the ad.

Audi should fire their entire marketing team for spending millions of dollars on this awful ad. They managed to alienate a large portion of the people who they are attempting to sell their cars too. I for one will never buy an Audi after seeing this terrible commercial promoting more Jewish Marxist gibberish.

Much of the backlash directed towards this commercial appears to have come from Mark Dice’s YouTube audience. He created a separate video that was highly critical of the Audi commercial highlighting its insanity.

Incidents like these show how we are really starting to win the culture war.

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