Battle Of Berkeley: Trump Supporter Smashed In The Head With U-Lock

Published On 04/16/2017 | By infostormer | News, Video

A somewhat disturbing video here from the Battle of Berkeley. A Trump supporter got smashed in the head with a u-lock and bled profusely from the injury.

At future protests our people will all need to bring appropriate safety equipment like helmets, clubs, baseball bats, nunchucks and other blunt instruments to defend themselves from this sort of cowardly attack.

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Notable Replies

  1. URJ says:

    You can buy a bulletproof helmet off ebay for around $100. They aren't bulletproof obviously as nothing is, but they will stop smaller caliber rounds and thus will obviously protect you against whatever most antifa fags have (probably didlos).

  2. Whatever these bastards give, they need to get it back 10 fold, If you are gonna go to these events, make sure you cover your face so you can beat the living shit out of these cowards without being recognized. These cowards mean business and so should we.

  3. That is why in an earlier post I suggested smoke canisters also. Will help big time for cover from all the smart phone cameras.:wink:

  4. URJ says:

    I'm pretty ready. Way more ready that 90% of people. I've been prepping the last 3 years for this shit. Most people thought I was crazy, even my own family, and most of them STILL don't see the writing on the wall. Lots of stupid people just need to die honestly. They're holding us all back and for their own selfish gain. Fuck them all. I'll be laughing when they get murdered this summer by niggers, their own, or in a street brawl. Fuck this country.

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