BOOM: “Love Lives Here” Terrorist Group Abandons Support For Jewish Racketeer Tanya Gersh

Published On 12/23/2016 | By Marcus Cicero | Featured Articles, Jewish Problem, News

I know that this specific operation is The Daily Stormer’s baby, but I want to remind everyone that what has been accomplished on this front thus far is something totally unprecedented in the history of White Nationalism.

For the first time, the Jews have been forced to retreat from a previously-staked position in a manner that can only be described as weak and pathetic; a turn of events that will ultimately provide the impetus for us to move out of the shadows and expand like never before.

Our actions will now allow us a serious bit of breathing space, and if we continue in our mission of financially breaking those who attack us for our political beliefs, the greatest weapon of Jewry in America will be destroyed.

Because unlike in Europe, the main reason that the Far-Right in the United States has stayed weak is because White men and women fear the loss of material security and employment due to lobbying and extortion by enemy factions.

A responsible White husband and father will always fall back when threatened with homelessness and unemployable-status due to the love he harbors towards his family.

But now imagine this nation just a year or three from now where the Jews and Antifa worms no longer have the ability to attack our families, workplaces, and bank accounts for fear of receiving the same treatment at the hands of brave Alt-Right patriots.

Imagine putting “attending Stormer Book Club” as the reason for requesting vacation, and hearing nothing more than a confirmation from bosses and corporate offices.

I predict that if we continue the pressure against rats like Tonya Gersh and her brood of familial and business enablers, such a future will guarantee our rise to serious political power in less than a decade.

We’ll have freedom of association and movement, and we’ll have the cash.

Then the fun truly begins.


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