British MPs Complain That Social Media Sites Haven’t Ended Hate Speech

Published On 04/30/2017 | By infostormer | News, Society

Google, Twitter and Facebook already have extremely restrictive policies on speech throughout their platforms. Unless you create a social media site where you have a user base of zero people, there is no way to implement the type of censorship demanded by these British MPs.

If multiculturalism wasn’t being force fed down everyone’s throats I can guarantee that there’d be much fewer hateful things said online. People are rightfully angry at the disaster that has been caused by mixing different races of people together.

From The Times:

Google, Twitter and Facebook have shamefully failed to tackle terrorism, violence and hatred online, MPs say.

The social media giants are labelled a disgrace in a report that accuses them of ignoring pleas to remove illegal and dangerous content — including images of child abuse — despite being among the wealthiest organisations in the world. Google is accused of having “profited from hatred”.

The next government should consider urgently changing the law so that social media operators would be prosecuted for leaving unlawful messages on their sites, the select committee report says.

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