BUSTED BIGLY: Israeli Intelligence Agent Caught On Video Conspiring With English Jews Against British Government

Published On 01/07/2017 | By Marcus Cicero | Featured Articles, Jewish Problem, News

The Britain-based Daily Mail has finally decided to join the chorus of anti-Kike sentiment – sort of – by helping to expose one of the more egregious examples of Jewish corruption and government manipulation in recent memory, namely an attempt to destroy an English politician due to his well-known opposition to Israel and its nefarious foreign policy.

Thanks to video footage taken inside a London restaurant, we now have indisputable evidence of how the Jews have infiltrated and utterly contaminated both main political parties inside Britain, and I hope that everyone here spreads this to family and friends who may not be all that convinced of how badly infected our halls of power have become.

The clip even features the slimy Jew attacking our most trusted Stormer agent inside the upper echelons of British government – Labour Party Fuhrer Jeremy Corbyn.

This is a big story, Everyone, and I’m honestly shocked that it’s currently being featured in a rather unbiased manner on one of the leading news sites (DM is a bit sensational but still).

From Daily Mail:

The Israeli Embassy made a shocking vow to ‘take down’ Boris Johnson’s Foreign Office deputy, a secret film reveals today.

The bombshell footage, covertly filmed in a London restaurant and obtained by The Mail on Sunday, shows a senior diplomat making the astonishing threat to target Sir Alan Duncan.

Extraordinarily, he is egged on by a senior aide to another Conservative Minister, Robert Halfon.

The video comes in a film claiming to expose the way that the Israeli government has ‘infiltrated’ both the Conservative and Labour parties via its embassy in the UK, using secret cash and covert support.

Further footage shows the Israeli diplomat, intelligence expert Shai Masot, telling senior Labour MP Joan Ryan that he has obtained ‘more than £1 million’ to pay for  sympathetic Labour MPs to visit Israel.

Mr Masot also mocks ‘crazy’ Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and his ‘weirdo’ supporters. Footage shows pro-Israel Labour activists discussing the Jerusalem government’s secret role in backing their activities.

Last night it emerged that Israeli ambassador Mark Regev had made a full apology to Sir Alan for Mr Masot’s ‘completely unacceptable’ comments.

Just trust me on this, Goyim. Never mind the bribes, extortion, allusions to scandals and blackmail, as it’s all water under the bridge as of right now.

We’re friends again, right?

Senior Tory MPs have condemned the apparent threat to ‘take down’ Sir Alan – who has been critical of Israel and who is described in the secret footage as causing ‘problems’ – and called for a Downing Street inquiry.

Former Tory Minister Sir Desmond Swayne condemned Mr Masot’s ‘disgraceful’ comments, adding: ‘To talk of “taking down” a British Minister is very sinister.

He was backed by Crispin Blunt, Conservative chairman of the Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee, who is also targeted by Masot in the film. He called the alleged comments about Sir Alan ‘outrageous’.

But Lord Stuart Polak, senior director, of the Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI), said last night: ‘It is utter nonsense to assert that any UK political party is taken over by any organisation.

‘The Friends of Israel groups do their job of educating their members about the complicated issues in the Middle East. The Israeli Embassy represents Israel in a professional manner.

‘To suggest they are involved in anything sinister is poppycock.’

This, Brothers, is Lord Stuart Polak; a vile Christ-killing alien who wormed his way into the British nobility. He is an enemy agent, and must be treated as one by Patriotic Englishmen.

And below is a picture of the mutated monster with partial-Kike, and disgraced former Prime Minister, David Cameron.

Note the blatant camaraderie between the two nation-wreckers; a true sign that blood will always be thicker than water.

An undercover reporter and hidden cameras tracked Mr Masot across Britain as he held secret talks with figures from CFI and its Labour counterpart (LFI).

His apparent threat to ‘take down’ Sir Alan was made a month later at the Aubaine restaurant, directly opposite the Israeli Embassy in Kensington, West London, where Masot is based.

Also present was Maria Strizzolo, senior aide to Education Minister Robert Halfon, former political director of CFI.

While I’m not too sure on Ms. Strizzolo’s ethnicity (it’s probably about 75:25 that she’s a Jewess), I can conclusively declare that Halfon is a Kike; a rather nasty one who is a afflicted by congenital illness that has made him resemble a mutant of undefined origin.

Please take into account that in any normal period in British history, each and every one of these rodents would have been taken out to the public square for either hanging or beheading – a fact that Mr. Halfon should perhaps be reminded of via his Twitter account.

Please reserve a few minutes of your time to tell this rodent of his despicable treason against the nation his ancestors decided to infiltrate and subvert.


After Ms Strizzolo boasts about her role in making Halfon a successful Minister, Mr Masot asks her: ‘That’s obvious, but can you do the opposite stuff as well?

Can I give you some names of MPs that I would suggest you take down?’

When Ms Strizzolo replies that all MPs ‘have something they’re trying to hide,’ Mr Masot says: ‘I have some MPs’ and tells the undercover reporter: ‘She knows which MPs I want to take down… the Deputy Foreign Minister [Duncan].’

He says Sir Alan – a well-known critic of Israel, and Boris Johnson’s second-in command – is ‘doing a lot of problems’.

He appears to suggest that Sir Alan is more powerful because Johnson ‘is an idiot with no responsibilities. If something real happened… it will be Duncan.’

Strizzolo says Sir Alan is ‘impossible to rebuff’ and has powerful ‘friends and claims that in a bitter clash over Israel with her boss, Sir Alan ‘threatened to destroy’ Mr Halfon.

‘Rob told the Whips and they told him [Halfon] to calm down,’ she says. Strizzolo then suggests: ‘A little scandal maybe?’ adding: ‘Don’t tell anyone about this meeting.’

Ambitious Mr Masot’s CV has the hallmarks of a spy: he spent eight years in the Israeli Navy’s ‘Special Unit’, has a degree in International Affairs, worked in Israeli Defence intelligence, has the rank of major and recently applied to run Israeli Foreign Affairs intelligence.

He says that he is ‘not a career diplomat’ and came to the UK ‘to take care of specific political issues – that’s what I do’.

Mr Masot also says he missed out on a job in the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, joking: ‘It was a huge fight… me and another candidate… I tried to kill him but it didn’t work.’

In a discussion about other ‘pro Arab’ Tory MPs, Mr Masot refers to Crispin Blunt, who, like Sir Alan, has criticised Israel.

Ms Strizzolo chips in: ‘On the hit list? Yeah!’ adding she ‘cannot stand [‘pro-Arab Tories’] – they’re horrible people… the two go together.’

The film also shows how Mr Masot had intensive contact with pro-Israel Labour figures and discussed extra funding for LFI at the party’s conference in Liverpool in September.

He tells the group’s chairman, Ms Ryan, of plans for ‘another delegation of LFI activists’ to visit Israel.

Ms Ryan responds: ‘That’d be good. What happened with the names we put in to the embassy, Shai?’

Masot: ‘We’ve got the money, more than £1 million, it’s a lot of money.’

Ryan: ‘It must be.’

Masot: ‘I have got it from Israel. It is an approval.’

Ryan: ‘I didn’t think you had it in your bag!’

If played properly, this has the potential to explode into one of the largest scandals in recent British history, with ramifications ranging from sanctions, to protests, to possible severing of diplomatic ties with the terrorist State of Israel.

It really is unfortunate that the main target of this Jew conspiracy is a homosexual degenerate, but I suppose beggars cannot be choosers.

Alan Duncan may be a bit of a freak, but he’s still useful to us due to the wrath he has incurred from the enemies of all British and Western peoples.

Let’s have some fun with this story, knowing in our hearts that Almighty God has once again lobbed us a propaganda softball to smash out of the park.

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