California’s Oroville Dam Crumbles Prompting Evacuation Of 200,000!

Published On 02/13/2017 | By infostormer | Featured Articles, News, U.S. News

Wow! There were many who said that it was unwise to spend trillions of dollars on wars for Israel and giving non-Whites unlimited amounts of free stuff. They said that we needed to use that money to improve and maintain America’s infrastructure. Unfortunately those people were called mean spirited Nazis!

Looks like the Nazis were right. California’s Oroville Dam is in the process of crumbling. 200,000 people have been evacuated out of fears that the failure of the dam will cause widespread flooding.

Maybe if more money was spent on maintaining and improving our nation’s infrastructure this situation would not be happening. The problem here appears to be linked to issues with the emergency spillways which were already known to be crumbling. It’d be good to know why nothing was done about this when the problem was identified. Seems like an unacceptable situation that could have been prevented.

There should also be a review of who is employed to maintain our infrastructure. Time to end any and all affirmative action and diversity hiring. Only highly educated and hard working White men should be put in charge of managing our infrastructure. Nothing good comes from having non-Whites manage anything of this importance.

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  1. I think it was deliberate sabotage. You can't have a drought with the largest dam full of water. That will not do. Watch for other dam "failures".

  2. this is a good video on this situation:

  3. BBF says:

    Jim Stone Freelance writes:

    Much awaited Oroville updates

    Aside from handling the attacks on this site this morning, I have spent a fair amount of time getting rock solid info on the Oroville situation which seems to be difficult to do.
    1. They cannot get trucks into the emergency spillway area to repair it, because the road is gone. See this:

    2. There is a huge ravine that may look small in the photos, but it is very large that has eaten its way to within about 10 feet of the emergency spillway. It is at least as deep as the hole in the road photo above, which also looks insignificant in wide area photos because this disaster is so big it cannot be shown in a photo.

    They are trying to fill the holes with helicopters, but I do not believe that will work with holes that big. If the dam overtops the emergency spillway again, it will fail, period. The only way they would have a chance is if they could get a huge line of cement trucks in there, and they clearly cannot because the road is gone. And how many truckloads of cement would it take to patch even the first hole, which cut the road in half, and is washed out for at least a thousand feet with similar ravines and erosion? That is not even the big hole in the photo above, it is only the one that starts the cut in the road.

    1. The main spillway continues to get eaten. In my opinion they are not letting enough water out of it. They need to simply let it rip at the full 250,000 cfs it is rated for and hold onto their pants and pray the whole mountain does not give out, or that the entire spillway system including the gates is not ripped out from it after being so badly damaged. What else can they do? Clearly, the emergency spillway is death upon next use, so they had better do everything possible to avoid using it.

    2. Every other dam in California's system is filled to capacity, and spring runoff has not even started. Levee failures are already happening due to all the dams at high outflow and the fact that communists in California's government gave $25 billion to illegals, while they let California's water infrastructure rot with far less than $1 billion. Good solid snowflake logic there. And the "snowflakes" in the mountains are going to do a nice job of re-enforcing the outcome of that logic this spring.

    MY CONCLUSION: Lake Tulare, an enormous 600 square mile inland sea that was once in the San Joaquin valley is coming back this year, and the city of Tulare is GONE.

  4. Every day I get more educated. :+1:

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