Chicago: Matt Heimbach Leads Successful Rally Against BLM Kidnappers

Published On 01/09/2017 | By Marcus Cicero | Featured Articles, News, U.S. News

The Alt-Right continued its march into mainstream consciousness with another successful rally by Matt Heimbach and his Traditionalist Worker Party, the National Socialist Movement, and some absolute SHITLORDS from TRS – this time in the ruins of the African Tribal Reserve formerly known as Chicago.

Their main purpose was to garner attention to the horrendous torture of one of our White brothers by several feral Black animals earlier this week; an event that has already been shoved down the memory hole by (((the usual suspects))).

Note that this is what needs to be done all across this country in the coming months, and if you’re not a member yet I highly suggest you join a local Stormer Book Club to network and prepare for the next phase of the struggle.

From Trad Youth:

TradWorker was honored to team up with the Nationalist Front, the National Socialist Movement, and a strong showing of some trusty TRS shitlords to respond to the brutal kidnapping and torture of a young White man in Chicago earlier this week. It was something of a victory rally, as public pressure has forced the hands of the anti-White system already.

The local government wanted to hide it, downplay it, and under-prosecute it. The national media wanted to silence it. Then when that failed, the national media tried for a spell to re-frame it as having to do with the man’s disability rather than his whiteness. They tried to insist that it’s apolitical, since they weren’t wearing #BlackLivesMatter uniforms while they repeated Black Lives Matter talking points as they tortured him. Finally, after the popular outcry reached a fever pitch, Barack Obama came out for the first time ever to explicitly denounce an anti-white hate crime, confirming it was a hate crime to be perceived and punished as such.

So why did we go ahead and protest? We protested because while we’ve forced a victory in this specific case, Chicago’s Black community and the BlackLivesMatter movement are still viciously anti-white. The government and the media both attempted to exercise systemic anti-White bias against this victim. We protested to keep the pressure on this community and these institutions, which will be as anti-white as we allow them to be. We protested to let other vulnerable Whites in Chicagoland and across America know that they have advocates ready to fight for them.

We can continue to help by giving generously to the man’s wildly successful GoFundMe campaign. We can help by staying on top of every single jot and tittle of the case of these four anti-White radicals who committed this hate crime long after the government and media expect us to get distracted and move on. We can also help by continuing to raise awareness of the anti-White hatred, harassment, and worse which continues to go on every day across America.

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