Christmas Celebrations In Aleppo!

Published On 12/25/2016 | By infostormer | News, Video

After Russia and Syria purged the Islamic radicals from Aleppo, there are people celebrating Christmas in the war torn city.

Would this be happening if the so-called “rebels” were still in the city? I think not.

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Notable Replies

  1. The Judenpresse totally ignores this and instead whines about the terrorist filth that held the city captive.

  2. The CIA/MOSSAD-backed terrorists have been defeated and Aleppo is at peace just in time for Christmas. You'd think the kike media would be happy for the people of that city and play up the Peace on Earth, goodwill towards men angle of the story. But you'd be mistaken. They say that Aleppo has "fallen" to Syrian government forces. But how can a city "fall" to the army of its own country, you lying, deceiving jewish scum?

  3. i remember when you suggested it to me a couple weeks ago..
    i just got shoah'd for the final time on joogle plus so i will probably go to to set up an account just to oppose the (((others)))
    Short of firing up kilns and opening up the lampshade factories we can at least stop supporting them on everything they push.
    Even if you dont buy NFL gear or go to games and shell out shekels , why watch it?
    They hate you white man...
    anytime i see a white man watching sports-ball ,i laugh in his weak face.

  4. The Neo-kahn kikes and Zionists responsible for these Syrian atrocities should be forced to do hard labor rebuilding cities like Aleppo until Syria is restored to its former state- after the work is finished they should be shot.

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