Cuckservatives In Disarray As They Try To Push Zionist Cuck Paul Ryan As New House Speaker

Published On 10/20/2015 | By infostormer | News, U.S. News

The cuckservative establishment is in disarray as they are now being forced to push Paul Ryan as the new Speaker of the House.  They were forced into this position after being unable to get the necessary number of votes to get their first choice Kevin McCarthy elected.   Ryan has been sold as someone who would be able to bridge the gap between the establishment and Tea Party types but he is really just another Zionist cuck.

On the border issue, Ryan is about as bad as anybody in Congress.  He seems to have no problem allowing in millions of third world hordes into the country.

Amazingly, he previously said that he agrees with Taco American terrorist Luis Gutierrez on immigration.  This is a creature who has been at the forefront of promoting the Central American invasion of the United States.

From Breitbart:

In a speech at the Erie House in Chicago, Ryan and Gutierrez provided more details about how they aimed to institute a formal open borders policy for the United States—that is, a federal policy of allowing any employer to legally hire any worker regardless of where they live.

This vision for the free movement of people across international boundaries is similar to immigration policy the European Union has among solely European countries– over the objections of rising insurgent populist parties. In his speech, Ryan lays out how the same legal structure could be adopted for the United States and all the foreign countries of the world.

“We want to have an immigration system that… has gates open to the people who are coming in pursuit of their version of the American dream,” Ryan told the crowd.

Ryan made the case for dissolving borders—declaring unabashedly that the United States “is more than [its] borders.”

This statement is significant because while a country has borders, “ideas” do not. If America is an “idea” rather than a “country” that means that refugees in Somali have as much “right” to a job in the United States as the children of the American revolution. In fact, every year, the U.S. issues five times more green cards than there are members of Daughters of the American Revolution.

Ryan began his speech by assuring the audience that he and Gutierrez see eye to eye on immigration.

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24 Responses to Cuckservatives In Disarray As They Try To Push Zionist Cuck Paul Ryan As New House Speaker

  1. MirriamE says:


    • hadabellyfull says:

      obamas admins new poodle….

    • AryanKnight says:

      FYI: Jew-shill via the Rothschilds..!!!

    • Lough says:

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  2. So MS-13 and the cartels are just filled up with “ideas” coming over the “border,” oops, I meant “statist construct that hinders free migration of peoples.”

    This guy worships Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum, aka Ayn Rand, so no surprise there.

  3. Mineshaft Gap says:

    Nothing must supersede AmeriKan elected officials’ responsibility to work for the jew.

  4. dave says:

    Any house leader they pick will of course have to favor Israel over the US and its citizens.

    • Brutal Reality says:

      Oh there is no question of such a mandatory prerequisite. Israel above all else.

  5. me says:

    He should jump off a fucking cliff…..

  6. me says:

    I figure it will be easier for the jew fuck eugenics dirt trash to bomb the shit out of us if they pile the world’s populations into North America and Europe. Maybe they will be able to get the population below 500,000,000 since AIDS and Ebola aren’t working as they wished.. Eugenic bastards…

  7. hadabellyfull says:

    Pure open border sheit head-built in Yam-aka ring on head…

  8. IRONKRAFT says:

    Just another poster boy, for Judea.

  9. oggy says:

    He must be the poster child of a picture speaks more than a thousand words.I wonder what that little seedy character has hidden in his closet?

  10. Jim says:

    Another scumbag not worthy of the name.

  11. hadabellyfull says:

    asshole jive turkey

  12. Herr Wolf says:

    another rich kid whose daddy bought him a political seat

  13. Brutal Reality says:

    What was that Jackson Browne tune lyrics? They sell us our politicians like they sell us our cars.

  14. spahnranch69 . says:

    Since Ryan supports the idea of an open-sewer immigration policy he doesn’t stand a Chinaman’s chance of being the Republicunt’s next House speaker. It looks as if the only solution is to nominate… guessed it, a jew. Nobody in Congress would dare vote against one of those shape-shifting fiends.

  15. spahnranch69 . says:

    To make an alliance with the biggest gringo-hating spic in the country shows what a phony, pandering asshole Paul Ryan really is.

  16. eldersofzyklonb says:

    He is an open borders enthusiast. The GOP will put him in power to suck cock in place of Boehner.

  17. 172j says:

    This guy is a nightmare and from what I hear he wants everyone to agree to dictatorial authority if he takes the job. He wants a pass to sell out the people without being opposed.

  18. The Good Hater says:

    This guy looks like he belongs on’Mama’s Family.’

  19. cuckservativeking says:

    Eddie Munster is to the left of ted kennedy