Democrat Jew Jon Ossoff Hailed As Party Savior Despite Humiliating Special Election Failure

Published On 04/20/2017 | By infostormer | News, U.S. News

The Democrat party is being run by dumber and dumber people. They just spent millions of dollars trying to win a special election for an open Congressional seat in Georgia. They went all in behind this Jew 30-year-old named Jon Ossoff. They got celebrities to campaign for him and everything. The Jew media basically declared him the next Barack Obama.

Ultimately, Ossof did not get over the 50 percent mark which means the race will go into a runoff phase between him and the second place Republican finisher Karen Handel.

The Jew media is declaring that this is some type of victory against Trump. Actually, this was a major loss for them. They spent all of this money hoping that Ossoff would win in a district that has gone Republican for quite some time. It is unlikely that Ossoff will win the run off against Handel. The Republican vote was split between many different candidates so Handel is really in the drivers seat with this.

Ossoff was recently interviewed on MSNBC. He’s clearly detached from reality. He thinks he got grassroots support when most of his financial support came from outsiders. In fact, Ossoff doesn’t even live in the district he’s running for. The whole thing is nuts.

Knowing how dumb they are, the Democrats will probably poor millions more into the run off race. What a joke the Democrat party is. It is the party of Jews, faggots, feminists and non-Whites. What a combination! They should be banned as an extremist group in my opinion.

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