Department of Homeland Security Terrorizes Americans With Another Made Up Terrorist Threat

Published On 02/19/2014 | By infostormer | Featured Articles, News

Once again we see the Department of Homeland Security inventing another terrorist threat to scare people while at the same time using it to justify their existence.  Just weeks ago they were trying to scare people about the possibility of terrorists using toothpaste tube bombs.  Now they are back to the true and tried formula of claiming that terrorists might try to attack airplanes using explosives in their shoes.  This will of course give the Department of Homeland Security the opportunity to subject people to additional pat downs and other ridiculous security measures.

Below is a blurb from a NBC report describing the situation.  They claim that “very recent intelligence” indicated a potential shoe bomb plot.  If that were really the case it is funny how they fully admit that they can’t provide any specifics including who, what, where or when.  What sort of so-called intelligence is this any way?   It sounds like this whole thing is made up.

The Department of Homeland Security has advised airlines of a potential new security threat, urging them to pay extra attention to flights from overseas to the United States.

Several officials familiar with the advisory say “very recent intelligence” considered credible warns of possible attempts to attack passenger jets using explosives concealed in shoes. As a result, officials say, airlines will be playing extra attention to passenger shoes on flights to the US from overseas. Those passengers may also experience increased scrutiny in pat downs and full-body screening.

The bulletin to airlines urges screeners to use the explosive trace detection swabs to check shoes that are worn and in carry-on bags.

The officials say the threat information was not specific to any particular airline, country, or time. There is no indication of a specific plot, they say. But after assessing the information, the Department of Homeland Security advised airlines earlier today of the possible threat and urged greater security scrutiny on U.S.-bound flights.

This proves yet again that the Department of Homeland Security is a domestic terrorist organization.  They continue to terrorize people by making up fake terror plots in order to justify their useless existence.  If there were a real war on terror the Department of Homeland Security would have been abolished years ago because for over a decade they have terrorized the American people with their ridiculous fear mongering and police state tactics much more so than any alleged Islamic terrorist group.

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