Donna Brazile Finally Admits She Leaked Debate Questions To Hillary Clinton

Published On 03/18/2017 | By infostormer | Featured Articles, News, U.S. News

After months of denials from Donna Brazile she is finally owning up to the fact that she leaked debate questions to Hillary Clinton. She used her role at CNN to funnel debate questions to her during the Democrat primaries.

She made this admission in a Time Magazine op-ed where she buries it surrounding all sorts of unproven claims about Russian hacking conspiracies.

This is another case of a woman believing that she can’t be held accountable for anything. It was the Russians fault that she leaked those debate questions to Hillary Clinton according to her twisted logic. At least that’s what she implies. Laughably she claims that the Russians are a threat to our democracy when she was undermining democracy by helping rig the Democrat primary for Hillary. She should at least admit that the Democrat party doesn’t really believe in democracy, they just believe in using it as a tool to push Communism and Marxism.

This Commie water buffalo should be put in jail for un-American activities. I’d also be fine with exiling her to Africa.

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