Dylann Roof Found Guilty On All Counts After Strangling 888 Black Fetuses With Confederate Flag

Published On 12/15/2016 | By Marcus Cicero | Featured Articles, News, U.S. News

I don’t think anybody had any doubts as to the final outcome of the Dylann Roof trial, although some of us did have a little bit of trolling fun during the judicial proceedings.

I’m just a tad surprised that the entire pretrial and trial hearings took such little time, as in opposite circumstances, a Black who rapes and dismembers an elderly White lady oftentimes has the ability to drag out a conviction for years before running out of options.

So is this an example of “American justice,” or a blatant example of double-standard politics?

Y’all can judge.

From The Post And Courier:

Dylann Roof, a gun-obsessed loner who tried to provoke a race war after soaking up online hate, faces a potential death sentence after a jury convicted him Thursday of 33 federal crimes stemming from his massacre of nine black parishioners at Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church.

A federal jury with three black members and nine whites deliberated for two hours before finding the white supremacist guilty of hate crimes, obstruction of religion and firearms violations. Roof stood facing forward, impassive, as the jury foreman read each count in order, accompanied by: “We find the defendant Dylann Storm Roof guilty.”

They will return Jan. 3 to decide whether he will be put to death or imprisoned for life for committing the shooting rampage.

The verdict came nearly two years from the day when Roof began scouting out Emanuel for his attack, making the 90-minute drive from his Eastover home to Charleston six times to prepare for the June 2015 mass shooting.

Nearly 50 victims’ family members and the adult survivors of the shooting packed into the courtroom listened quietly, several nodding, many holding hands as the verdicts were read. Survivors Felicia Sanders and Jennifer Pinckney left the courtroom smiling.

Roof confessed to the killings, and his legal team readily acknowledged his guilt. Offering no defense, they instead sought to portray the 22-year-old gunman as a disaffected, delusional loner who was set on a twisted path to murder by racist rantings he found online.

OMG, I can’t stand the pure hatred provided by these peer-reviewed and confirmed crime statistics. How can this evil racist filth even exist in the current year?

Not that it will really matter, though, as Roof will almost certainly be given the death penalty after the mostly-White jury deliberates once again (it may seem crazy, but a majority Black jury would probably be less likely to push for execution).

But if he’s smart, and the system stays true to at least the semblance of protocol, the young lad will be able to machinate and appeal until his tactical bowl cut grows gray with age.

And that far into the future, we could be looking at a whole range of scenarios.

Commuting of his sentence?

A total pardon?

Execution at the hands of psychotic Asian sex robots?

Anything is possible.

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Notable Replies

  1. I am still trying to figure out why the Feds went with the Overkill here and the only reason I can think up is that Obama was trying to get the Jiggaboos outraged and coming out for Hillary by dogpiling the charges onto Dylann. Not as if the State of South Carolina isn't going to fry him. I say this, the Federal Jury may go Life in Prison the State will go Death so he gets death either way

  2. Jew logic 101...... In South Carolina a white man kills black people and the Judeo-Marxist rush to blame “White Racism”. In Virginia a Black Ass kills white people and the Judeo-Marxist rush to blame guns...Welcome to the Jewnited States.

  3. Total psy-op- church reopens a few days after nigger brains are sprayed all over the place?

  4. It's definitely a psy-op, hoax, fake news.

  5. 33- just like Freemasonary

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