Electoral College To Officially Make Donald Trump Next President

Published On 12/19/2016 | By infostormer | News, U.S. News

Despite all the drama with electors threatening to not vote for Donald Trump and other nonsense, it is all but certain that Trump will be the next President. The Electoral College is set to meet today to make it 100% official.

We’ll have to see what the Marxists and Communists cry about next once this is over with.

From AFP:

Donald Trump’s fiercest critics may be dreaming of a last-minute revolt, but the Electoral College, a peculiarly American institution, appears near-certain on Monday to select the 70-year-old real estate mogul as the 45th US president.

Its detractors — and they are many — have denounced an electoral system that flies in the face of the venerated “one man, one vote” principle, and which perversely encourages presidential candidates to campaign in only a few key states while ignoring whole swaths of the country.

But despite the torrent of criticism this method has faced for decades, no reform attempt has ever succeeded.

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Notable Replies

  1. All we will hear for the next 8 years is "impeach".
    We must focus on destroying the libtard agendas. Especially the infestation at US colleges. It should be a law that college staff must remain neutral in politics.

  2. It looks as if the shitlibs are going to be doing nothing else for the forseeable future except whining and scheming to overthrow the lawful election of America's last and perhaps greatest President. They could be spending that time more constructively, like advocating for prison reform, better treatment for homeless vets or pushing for universal health care. But no, they are just shitlibs. And like the name implies they are nothing but SHIT.

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