EU Parliament Head Says 30 Million Africans Could Enter Europe In Next 10 Years

Published On 03/29/2017 | By infostormer | Featured Articles, News, World News

The President of the EU Parliament says that 30 million Africans could enter Europe over the next 10 years. Not a good situation. NATO should be focused in on defending Europe from these African monkey hordes instead of obsessing over anti-Russian conspiracy theories. NATO should actually align themselves with Russia to fend off these third world populations!

Why is Turkey a member of NATO and not Russia? Hopefully Trump and Putin can sort this whole thing out. The last thing we need is a war with Russia. That would be a disaster which is probably why we see all these kike run media outlets pushing for it!

From RT:

Protracted violence, civil wars and poverty may force up to 30 million Africans to come to Europe within the next 10 years, posing new security challenges to the continent, says the newly-appointed president of the European Parliament.

Europe must now tackle two greatest challenges, namely, terrorism and migration, with both phenomena being interconnected, Antonio Tajani, an Italian politician appointed president of the European Parliament in January, told Die Welt.

“The so-called Islamic State [IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL] seeks to embed terrorists with refugees,” he said. “They explain them that it’s now quite easy to carry out an attack in a European state using a knife or a car.”

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  1. URJ says:

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  2. The political map of Europe has a tendency to change frequently so I doubt if the EUSSR is going to be around much longer. It wouldn't take more than a few old Italian navy ships patrolling the Mediterranean to keep the shitskins out.

  3. 30 million more worthless, ignorant, savage jigaboos in Europe ought to load the system to the breaking point. Sooner or later, our folk will get pissed over being forced to pay the taxes for so many black parasites.

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