Fake Jew News Media Attacks Trump For Saying Bad Things Happened In Sweden

Published On 02/19/2017 | By infostormer | Featured Articles, News, U.S. News

The fake Jew news media is claiming that President Trump said a terrorist attack recently occurred in Sweden during his rally yesterday. This is more bull shit from these liars. You can watch his speech or read the transcript to see that he never said that.

This fake news was reported by the New York Times, Guardian and many others.

Trump merely said that bad things happened in Sweden on Friday night. In fact, bad things happen every day in Sweden all the time thanks to the influx of unlimited Moslem savages. There are no-go zones and all sorts of crime that takes place because of them. This is fully admitted. The Swedish people are actually very angry about the situation but most won’t speak out about it because they’ll be labeled a racist and lose their job.

Amazingly, the fake Jew news media has made this their number one talking point to bash Trump in today’s new cycle. It once again proves how disreputable they are. They all need to be put out of business.

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