Fat Jewess Amy Schumer In Negotiations To Play Lead Role In Barbie Movie

Published On 12/03/2016 | By infostormer | Featured Articles, Jewish Problem, News

The disgusting fat Jewess Amy Schumer is in negotiations to play the role of Barbie in a new live-action Hollywood film. Talk about a bad decision. Who the hell is going to want to watch this crap? Check out this blurb describing the film. They apparently want to use Schumer to make young girls think its normal to be fat.

From Deadline:

Amy Schumer is in negotiations to play the title role in Barbie, the live-action Sony Pictures film based on the venerable Mattel toyline. The PG movie will begin production in the spring for a global summer 2018 tentpole bow, after Schumer puts her imprint on the Hilary Winston script, doing a rewrite with her sister Kim Caramele. Given her edgy stand-up comedy and her movie breakthrough writing and starring in the R-rated Trainwreck, what makes Schumer the right actress to play the embodiment of a beloved toyline that for years featured a doll with impossibly perfect physical proportions? Aside from the fact that she has Barbie hair, Schumer’s growing stature as a role model for female empowerment fits perfectly with how the film will exploit Barbie’s evolution into dolls of different sizes and shapes.

Totally ridiculous. Not only that, but I thought Schumer was going to leave America if Donald Trump became President. Instead of making good on her promise she is going to grace us with her presence in horrible Jewish funded Hollywood films. At some point we’ll have to kick her out of the country. It doesn’t look as if she’s going to self deport herself anytime soon.


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9 Responses to Fat Jewess Amy Schumer In Negotiations To Play Lead Role In Barbie Movie

  1. Irate Irishman Irate Irishman says:

    She looks JUST like barbie LMAO

  2. Gentilebob Gentilebob says:

    This woman is a true degenerate, I watched her comedy show once. It was just sick and turns out most of her ‘jokes’ stolen. Typical Jewess.

    • Irate Irishman Irate Irishman says:

      she really is a fat fucken pig disgrace that isn’t even slightly attractive or funny.
      I never knew her “humor” was stolen though i don’t doubt it.
      All any of these sheenie yids do is repeat all their degeneracy or copy/steal from everyone else.
      They cannot create anything.
      they are manipulators , users , and thieves.

  3. gubbler chechenova gubbler chechenova says:

    Hopefully, it’s about Klaus Barbie.

  4. Herr Wolf Herr Wolf says:

    Hymiewood is running out of ideas quickly- although I see (((they))) have a few Nat-zee movies in the pipeline

  5. Metalwoman0420 Metalwoman0420 says:

    The only popular toy role that would suit her perfectly would be that of a Cabbage Patch Kid.

    The jewsesses love to flatter themselves.
    What a stupid pig lol.

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