Florida: Satanic Pentagram Display Properly Destroyed By Angered Americans

Published On 12/21/2016 | By Marcus Cicero | Featured Articles, News, Society

If you’re not a Christian, I’m not going to force you to commit to something that doesn’t appeal to you at the moment, but the fact remains that White America has always been a traditionally-Christian nation whether you like it or not.

In fact, the argument can be made that by moving away from our religious roots, we have left ourselves far more open to the Jew and his sick machinations and twisted social experiments.

One finds it difficult to imagine a devout nation where toddlers could have their genitals mutilated, faggots could have sex in the open, and children given up to sick pizza perverts embedded within the highest echelons of government.

So again, if you are not someone with an interest in Christianity, then whatever.

But no Satanic displays in public parks.


From Sun-Sentinel:

A Satanic pentagram display that a man says represents his religious views, has been vandalized again, according to Boca Raton police.

The alternative holiday display in a free-expression zone in Boca Raton’s Sanborn Square was found on the ground early Tuesday. Tire tracks led to and from the toppled display.

Some drivers honked and cheered as they drove by the damage.

The 300-pound, 10-foot pentagram is the work of Preston Smith, a schoolteacher for Palm Beach County Schools. The display has been opposed by some religious leaders who called it “offensive and harmful.” And it has been a frequent target for vandals, with police responding to damage reports eight times this month.

Smith couldn’t be reached for comment Tuesday despite phone calls and emails.

Vandalism at the display has caused police to respond to the park eight times since the pentagram went up Dec. 6, police records show.

Surprisingly enough, this guy is not a Jew, making him one of the first Gentiles to push something this bizarre during the Christmas season.

But at the same time, he has been doing the bidding of the Kike by giving credence to this sort of insanity.

By ripping down our Christian heritage, it becomes far more easy to attack the very existence of our heritage, which is intertwined with the Word of Christ quite extensively.

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Notable Replies

  1. And this asshole is a school teacher? Let's get him fired!

  2. Why is he still teaching? Why can he still walk on his own legs?

  3. I looked, but couldn't actually find him in the Palm Beach County School District staff directory. Maybe I just don't know how to look.

  4. Here where I live the kike at a school bus garage put star of satan lights on all of the school buses. I still occasionally see one out on the highway.

  5. What a scumbag. There's no way a freak like this should be around children, let alone being a teacher.
    He's flaunting his depravity the same way a faggot flaunts it's faggotry. Whereas a faggot is in league with pedophilia compulsions. As pedophilia is a Satanic occupation.
    There is absolutely no difference between all of this evil shit.

    This bastard needs to be shit-canned and run out of town on one wheel. Preferably the Catherine Wheel.

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