Fox News Moves Tucker Carlson Into Bill O’Reilly’s Former Time Slot

Published On 04/19/2017 | By infostormer | News, Society

Dumb move by these feminists. They pushed out Bill O’Reilly only to see Tucker Carlson installed in his place. Carlson is a one man gas chamber who gasses Jews and feminists on a nightly basis. He is literally and figuratively Hitler.

From AOL News:

Tucker Carlson is moving into the 8 p.m. hour as Bill O’Reilly exits Fox News while The Five is moving to primetime and Eric Bolling is getting a 5 p.m. show, the network said Wednesday.

Carlson replaced Megyn Kelly when she left last January and his show — Tucker Carlson Tonight — was an immediate hit, helped by record tune-in overall during the early tumultuous days of the administration of Donald Trump. Talk show host Laura Ingraham also was among those being considered for O’Reilly’s recently vacated time sl.

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