Free Speech Site Reddit To Stifle Free Speech After CEO Gets Called A Child Rapist For Censoring Pizzagate

Published On 11/30/2016 | By infostormer | Featured Articles, News, World News

Check out this shit. Reddit a site allegedly known for free speech is vowing to stifle free speech. Looks like they’re going into full Twitter mode.

They are claiming that Reddit’s CEO Steve Huffman was the innocent victim of online bullies. This is the justification being used for a crack down on users over harassment allegations.

In reality, Huffman shut down the Pizzagate subreddit under dubious circumstances. The subreddit was dedicated to exposing some incredibly creepy stuff linking John Podesta and other DC insiders to a pizzeria that appears to be involved in a child sex ring. After he did this, Huffman was denounced as a child rapist, pedophile etc.. for his unjust action in stifling free speech.

Worse yet is that the Reuters article some of which is posted below claims that there is no proof to the Pizzagate allegations. That is 100% false. There’s all sorts of weird shit with the pizzeria owner James Alefantis and the stuff he’s posted on social media.

Utterly stupid. A good reddit alternative is Much of the Pizzagate discussion has shifted on to that platform.

From Reuters:

Social media website Reddit Inc, known for its commitment to free speech, will crack down on online harassment by banning or suspending users who target others, starting with those who have directed abuse at Chief Executive Steve Huffman.

Huffman said in an interview with Reuters that Reddit’s content policy prohibits harassment, but that it had not been adequately enforced.

“Personal message harassment is the most cut and dry,” he said. “Right now we are in an interesting position where my inbox is full of them, it’s easy to start with me.”

As well as combing through Huffman’s inbox, Reddit will monitor user reports, add greater filtering capacity, and take a more proactive role in policing its platform rather than relying on community moderators.

Reddit said it had identified hundreds of the “most toxic users” and will warn, ban or suspend them. It also plans to increase staff on its “trust and safety” team.

Last week, Reddit banned Pizzagate, a community devoted to a conspiracy theory, with no evidence to back it up, that links Clinton to a paedophile ring at a Washington, D.C. pizza parlour, after it posted personal information in violation of Reddit policy.

Huffman then used his administrative privileges to redirect abuse he was receiving on a thread on r/The_Donald to the community’s moderators – making it look as if it was intended for them. Huffman said it was a prank, and that many Reddit users, including some Trump supporters, told him they thought it was funny, but it inflamed the situation.

Reddit has a more permissive attitude than Facebook and Twitter when it comes to what it allows on its site, but r/The_Donald users frequently crossed a line, Huffman said, including by trying to manipulate voting to ensure their posts appear on prominent Reddit pages.

Reddit has stepped up its efforts to combat abuse on the site over the past year, creating what it called an ‘anti-evil” team of engineers dedicated to fighting harassment.

“The fact I was saying that combating harassment was important and then letting that openly happen to me, the CEO, there’s a disconnect there,” Huffman said.

In the past, Reddit has worked with moderators of communities to try to enforce its rules.

With r/The_Donald in particular, “we haven’t found that to be particularly effective. We might see flashes of success, but things kind of revert,” Huffman said.

Under its new strategy, Reddit will take a more active role in dealing with troublemakers, who Huffman said were an “infinitesimal” portion of Reddit’s 250 million monthly visitors.

He stressed that the move was not political.

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5 Responses to Free Speech Site Reddit To Stifle Free Speech After CEO Gets Called A Child Rapist For Censoring Pizzagate

  1. Spahnranch69 Spahnranch69 says:

    Yet another argument in favor of nationalizing all social media. The skinny jeaned metrosexual faggots who run those sites cannot be trusted to run them fairly or properly.

  2. Oil Can Harry Oil Can Harry says:

    So far I’ve seen zero evidence that Pizza Gate is anything but an urban legend.

    • Spahnranch69 Spahnranch69 says:

      You may be right. But still, the wealthy, powerful “elite” in DC (along with Hymiewood, London, New York, etc, etc) have perverted if not monstrous sexual appetites that are being satisfied by (((someone))).

    • infostormer infostormer says:

      A proper investigation would prove it out. What I don’t get is why all these media resources would go out of there way to defend a random pizza shop owner who was posting some extremely sick crap on his instagram account.

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