G20 Riots In Hamburg, Germany Were Quite Insane

Published On 07/08/2017 | By infostormer | Featured Articles, News, World News

Who would have thought that people against capitalism would cause so much damage. They pretty much destroyed the entire city of Hamburg, Germany even though there were tens of thousands of riot police deployed in the city. It didn’t look as if the police were going soft on the rioters either.

Here’s the aftermath of the riots.

Here’s the police using their water cannons.

Then you have police trucks ramming through barricades setup by the rioters.

And here you have the police beating people up.

Whole thing was chaos from start to finish.

Tim Pool was there documenting the events on the ground. He says that journalists were getting death threats from some of the rioters that were there. He did a whole series of videos on what happened.

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