Germany – Bundestag Wants 12 Million Migrants To Stop Population Decline!

Published On 02/11/2017 | By infostormer | News, World News

Unbelievable. The German Bundestag has proclaimed that Germany needs 300,000 migrants a year for the next 40 years to stop their population decline. In other words, they want to replace their own domestic population with foreigners. They are continuing to endorse a policy of racially destroying themselves. At least they are providing lip service to speeding up deportations but that means nothing if they want to bring in 12 million foreigners!

From Express:

Just last week the under-fire German Chancellor placed a ban on the families of as many as three million people who arrived in Germany during the migrant crisis joining their relatives.

The ban, which also applies to women and children and elderly relatives from war torn countries, has been put in place for two years after the country revealed the crisis will cost £37bn this year.

Now just days after the Bundestag voted to speed up deportation and mandatory finger printing, it’s emerged they have outlined the country needs 300,000 people a YEAR for the next 40 years to stop population decline.

Germany needs to provide economic incentives for native Germans to reproduce. There is no need to import millions of foreigners into the country. If there’s any good news, it is that Angela Merkel and these other fools who seek to destroy the German people now have much less political influence on the world stage. This is thanks to events like Brexit and Donald Trump’s election as U.S. President.

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Notable Replies

  1. Not surprisingly, the bankers and politicians are obsessed with the idea of continual "growth". A greater population means economic growth and more profits for the bankers, the politicians interpret it as becoming a bigger player on the world stage, and importing Muslims conveniently helps Jews such as George Soros pursue their goal of diluting and destroying the White race. But maintaining purity of race is a prerequisite for maintaining civilization and culture; it is far more important than population size. And for the ordinary working man, there is no benefit from having economic growth driven simply from population growth, since the wealth per capita does not increase, and quality of life diminishes from having insufficient housing and other infrastructure, and increased traffic on the streets, etc..

    Having said that, there should be economic incentives for the true Germans to reproduce, since these are the hard-working stock who create the wealth. But stopping the import of violent, low-IQ savages, and encouraging those who are already in the country to leave, is the greater priority. And removing the kikes is the greatest priority of all!

  2. For some reason this article makes me recall the Reichstag fire that unleashed the German spirit of National Socialism and resulted in the greatest standard of living ever known to man. Germany I beg you, read Mein Kampf. You will never again view the world as you do now.

    Deutschland Erwacht!

  3. The filthy Jew "Lord" Alf Dubs, whose family fled the "Nazis", has delivered a petition to Downing Street condemning the sudden closure of his scheme for Britain to accept lone child refugees. If Dubs is so concerned about this, why doesn't he ask his co-religionists in Israel to take them in? Surely they can afford it, given all the "reparations" they get from Germany, "foreign aid" from the US, and "compensation" for "Holocaust survivors".

  4. Just more fake Jewish solidarity, like the one with the 19 Rabbis. After all, playing to the goyim's liberal sensibilities and their feelings is the easiest way to prevent them from inquiring the Jewish complicity in the crisis, to be questioning why Bernard-Henri Levy 'as a Jew’ "liberated" Libya or, instead of protesting Trump's travel ban, protesting in front of Israeli embassies and storming the AIPAC offices that pushed for the wars in Libya and Syria and were directly involved in creating the migrant invasion.

  5. Like most issues, the National Socialists had a great plan to increase their population.(In 1930's dollars)...the NS gave each newlywed family a thousand dollars. If they had one child, they'd have to pay back 3/4 of it, If they had two children,
    only half of it, and so on. They had four kids, all is payed up. A great way to increase the population slowly, regularly and without third world savages.

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