Germany – Investigation Into Nazi Influence Of Post World War II Government Announced

Published On 11/27/2016 | By infostormer | Featured Articles, News, World News

What a joke this is. The German government is investigating Nazi influence of the nation’s post World War II government. For what purpose? Talk about a waste of resources.

How about an investigation into Jewish influence of the current German government? Or how about an investigation into the traitors who have invited an invading army of mud monkeys into the country?

The German government spends more time figuring out ways to oppress its own people than anything else. These rats need to be arrested and punished for high crimes. I’d like to see many executions of these traitors.

From Independent:

The German government has announced an investigation into the influence of the Nazis on the country’s post-war government.

A four-year inquiry will follow 20 other investigations made over the past 70 years to determine how far networks attached to Hitler’s regime reached into the new administration after the fall of the Third Reich.

The probe, which will cost an estimated €4m (£3.4m), will look in particular at how far Nazi influence lingered in the Chancellory – the German equivalent of Downing Street – to see how many staff who worked for the Third Reich remained in the office after 1945, Der Spiegel reported.

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9 Responses to Germany – Investigation Into Nazi Influence Of Post World War II Government Announced

  1. goy polloi says:

    Their entire society and economy is collapsing under the Jewish yoke and they are still hunting for “Nazis”.

    • Rittmeister says:

      The Jewish occupational government in Germany needs to keep the scam alive that everything Nazi related is bad and has to be disavowed.

  2. Atomic Atomic says:

    Jews jewing try and create a smokescreen by blaming “Nazi’s” for what jewing has caused. Only a kikes hypocrisy could be at levels like that

  3. Herr Wolf Herr Wolf says:


  4. Zy Klon Zy Klon says:

    Jews need to keep their scam going paying fake holocaust survivors (you know the ones who magically escaped the gas chambers) billions of shekels now for over 50 years.

  5. Vesperian says:

    How about an actual investigation in to the Holohoax? It is about time that fraud collapsed as it would solve a whole lot of problems.

  6. Spahnranch69 Spahnranch69 says:

    The jews will never stop the psychological rape of their German victims unless they are physically exterminated. Sadly, it may be too late to save most Germans.

  7. Titus Groan says:

    What an absurd waste of resources! Germany should be doing an investigation of the real instigators of WW2 – namely Churchill and Roosevelt who interfered with all Hitler’s peace proposals. That’s what Germany should be doing and publicizing it far and wide.

  8. Irate Irishman Irate Irishman says:

    muh fake feelings

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