HA! Disgusting Jewess Julia Ioffe Fired By Politico For Accusing President Trump Of Sleeping With Ivanka

Published On 12/14/2016 | By Marcus Cicero | Featured Articles, Jewish Problem, News

Nearly one hundred years ago, a great statesman, soldier, and philosopher said the following about the glorious and ethically-pure Chosen People of God:

Now, many may think that this quote is a bit harsh and condemning, but I ask you to reserve judgement for just a moment, and let me prove the infallible wisdom and truth contained above by a demonstration of the rotten soul of the Kike.

Get ready though, for this may be quite nasty for those with a weak stomach and/or a sense of moral restraint:

Note that this tweet was in response to our President’s idea of having his blood daughter (his favorite child, business confidant, and one of his most trusted advisers) move into the White House during his first term in office.

Just a few years ago, this deranged and perverted comment would have gone unpunished due to the ethnic nature of the female involved.

But this is the modern year of 2016, and the previous inviolability of the Jew no longer exists.

So celebrate, my Brothers and Sisters, for Julia Ioffe has been stricken down.

From Daily Caller:

UPDATE: Shortly after this report was published Politico contacted The Daily Caller to say: “This tweet is completely unacceptable and is an obvious violation of POLITICO standards. Julia Ioffe is no longer with the publication.” Ioffe is joining The Atlantic in January but this tweet accelerated the timeline of her departure from Politico “immediately,” according to a Politico source.

Julia Ioffe, a former contributing writer for Politico Magazine who will be joining The Atlantic as a reporter in January, suggested Wednesday on Twitter that President-elect Donald Trump is having sex with his daughter Ivanka.

Ioffe tweeted out a link of a news report saying Ivanka will be using office space in the White House typically reserved for the first lady and commented, “Either Trump is fucking his daughter or he’s shirking nepotism laws. Which is worse?”

Ioffe subsequently tweeted, “We have a president-elect who popularized ‘saying what everyone is thinking,’ but I guess my phrasing should’ve been more delicate.”

The Atlantic announced last week that Ioffe will be joining the publication in January as a foreign policy and U.S. politics reporter. The Atlantic did not return a request for comment by press time. The Daily Caller reached out to Ioffe about the tweet and she said she has no comment and hung up.

Troll Army, Time For The Final Blow

While this is a great victory in itself, I do not want anyone to calm down and allow this sickness to disappear without further punishment.

The DC article explains that Ioffe is scheduled to join The Atlantic at the beginning of the new year, and as Republican activists, our job will be to do all that we can to derail her entire career and send her into absolute and permanent obscurity.

Therefore, use any free time available to hit up her new employer left, right, and center to express your disgust at their hiring of an unstable pervert with a penchant for incest references.

It will probably be best to make your persona rather Leftist to have it seem like legitimate subscribers are complaining, and try to keep Alt-Right and pro-White imagery and rhetoric to a minimum for this operation.

And don’t just keep yourself confined to the modern digital realm in dealing with the news outlet, but extend yourself to more traditional means such as telephone calls and regular email to accomplish the mission.


US and Canada: (800) 234-2411
International callers: (515) 237-3670


Atlantic Media Company
600 New Hampshire Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20037
Phone: 202.266.6000
Fax: 202.266.6001





Together, with enough skill and tenacity, we stand a significant chance of destroying Юлия Иоффе (link to her Twitter account) once and for all.

Go forth, Trolls, and unleash the storm!

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Notable Replies

  1. The Hitler quote too harsh!!! It's truer than true, you can use it as an axiom, without AH's help I cam to that conclusion long time ago. When you call out the filthy jew, you aren't anti anything, you're pro truth. The jew works from what the jew knows in it's own world, they molest their children all the time. Ioffe has probably been fucked by every male in her family and the male pets, a celebration of inbred slime. I'm not a trump fan, I realize it's better than cocaine killary and her hordes of transgender shit eaters, but attacking this shabboth goy who hasn't done anything, crosses the line. Of course these aliens deserve the fate of any invader, dished out with passion, emotional timing is very important.

  2. Julia Ioffe and Julie Roginsky, two Jewesses from Moscow born 9 years apart who have come and lived off the largesse of the White Christian Man and Woman only to stab us like the Jews they are. Julie is alot more subtle than Julia but she deserves her Yellow Star

  3. Thanks Julia. You've given us another great glimpse into the mindset of the Jews.

    For all the heat she's getting on twatter, she's getting a great deal of support too.

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