Healthcare Vote Delayed as Insane McCain Recovers From Surgery

Published On 07/16/2017 | By infostormer | Featured Articles, News, U.S. News

The Republican Congress is such a joke.

They promised to repeal Obamacare and here we are seven months in and they still haven’t gotten anything to the President’s desk.

Now they’ve delayed the healthcare vote in the Senate because John Insane McCain is recovering from surgery.

From AP:

Sen. John McCain’s absence from the Senate as he recovers from surgery for a blood clot has led the GOP leadership to postpone consideration of health care legislation already on the brink.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Saturday night he was deferring action on the measure as McCain recovers at his home in Arizona. Surgeons in Phoenix removed a blood clot from above McCain’s left eye on Friday. The 80-year-old Senate veteran was advised by doctors to remain in Arizona next week, his office said.

Who knows. Maybe McCain will drop dead. The dude has looked like shit recently. It certainly wouldn’t hurt my feelings if that were to happen. The man is a senile relic from the past.

There’s no guarantees that this bill will even pass though. Rand Paul isn’t supporting it.

The whole thing is a fiasco. They voted to repeal Obamacare countless times when Obama was President and now that they can actually do something substantive they can’t pass anything. They just showed everybody that they were playing political games and are not serious about anything.

They should have either let Obamacare collapse in on itself which is what is happening now, or repealed it entirely. The situation we had before Obamacare was much better than when Obamacare was enacted. The problem is that the Republicans were too scared to do a flat repeal.

It’s amazing that these people can’t get everybody together on an issue that the entire Republican party allegedly agrees on. Whole thing pisses me off. We honestly have bigger problems with the Republican cucks than we do the Democrats. This Obamacare issue should have been taken care of in January and February. It shows that most of the people in Congress are a bunch of useless assholes.

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