Hero Of The Aryan Race: Tom Brady Leads Patriots To Super Bowl Victory After Greatest Comeback In Football History

Published On 02/05/2017 | By Marcus Cicero | Featured Articles, News, Society

As a Bostonian, I’ve seen sports comebacks and victories more times than I can count, but nothing will ever match what I got to witness tonight, with the New England Patriots led by White champion Tom Brady shattering the Nigger-ridden Atlanta Falcons after the GREATEST COMEBACK IN NFL HISTORY.

During Black History Month, and on would have been slaughtered Black criminal Treyvon Martin’s birthday!

Like, no other team has ever come back from such a huge deficit (25 points at one time) so late in a game.

Brady is now being acclaimed as the greatest quarterback, and really the best athlete overall, who has ever lived, and the same is being said of Bill Belichick in terms of coaching.

When broken and left for dead, the Patriots, like the White Man after Donald Trump, refused to go into that good night but instead fought and climbed back to victory.

Like the Patriots, we will never surrender, and we will never die no matter how brutal the outlook may seem.

Let the Kikes remember this, and know that they are going to lose despite their best efforts and most demonic schemes.




On a side note, I may have to grant Mischling Julian Edelman “Honorary Aryan” status (I’m kidding) for his epic catch late in the 4th quarter.

I was a slot receiver all the way through high school, and I never pulled off something like that.

Really, watch it close up because it’s something that will be remembered for generations.

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