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Published On 02/25/2015 | By infostormer | Featured Articles, News, Video

Another excellent piece of work from the man responsible for the Adolf Hitler – The Man Who Fought The Bank video.  I have discovered in the course of my research that Hitler has been lied about probably more than any other person in history.  Why is that?  Because most of what we have learned about Hitler have been Jewish lies and fables.  Fantasies about gas chambers, soap and lampshades have overshadowed the great things that this man did for his people.

This new video features parts of Hitler’s final speech many of which relate to our on-going struggle today against the international Jewish parasite.

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55 Responses to Hitler Was Right – Think Different

  1. ratpit says:

    The more I learn about the top kikes the more I admire Hitler. My long gone mother was much in the same groove and she couldn’t stand kikes because she knew what a bunch of leeches they are.

  2. CulturalMarxismIntensifies says:

    He was truly a great man.

  3. sultan of swing says:

    I cannot begin to describe the feelings I have when listening to AH speak. 88.

  4. KoolAid says:

    The Third Reich was the apotheosis of Western (White) Civilization.

    • forbes mag says:

      Definitely in the modern era, that’s for sure, and probably for all time given that previous pinnacles of White civilization didn’t have a firm enough grasp of the race issue, even the Aryans in India who although they enshrined segregation in their very religion, still miscegenated into collapse. Complete separation is the only solution.

  5. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    I have discovered in the course of my research that Hitler has been lied about probably more than any other person in history.

    Truer words were never spoken.

    And why I am grateful every day to the Internet for allowing us to access what Hitler and WW II were really all about.

    Hitler did what he did – for the White Race – as an answer to Jewish aggression, the same aggression we suffer from today.

    He should be seen a hero to Whites.

    • sultan of swing says:

      I knew about that Satan’s candelabra being put up in front of Brandenburg Gate but didn’t realize it was that massive

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

        About as massive as the one put up on the White House lawn every Christmas:

        • sultan of swing says:

          that’s put up so that whichever Zionist puppet is currently in the Offal Office can look out and be reminded of who really runs the JewSA

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

            So whichever Zionist puppet currently in office can be in-your-face reminded that if they do not kowtow to their masters, their careers and reputations will be destroyed.

    • razorrare says:

      Thanks for the graphs…ready to post a couple over at alt right. Don’t know how much longer Colin and crew will tolerate me ;

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

        You should have left there long ago. Those here who call it “Alt-Kike” are not wrong. I was done after the childish insults. Daily Stormer, Daily Slave and anti-White sites needing thread-bombing sanity are far better.

        What’s important is that we keep spreading the word. I believe we are making an impact.

        • razorrare says:

          But alt-Kike site is an anti-White site,no less or more than Amren…and it is spreading the word.Most here already get the word…

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

            Understood. But the webmasters of AmRen never called me, a pro-White, a bunch of silly, insulting names when I objected to their support of a known anti-White troll.

            Most at alt-Kike have gotten the word too and there are far fewer of them. Two posters this week from AmRen followed me over to Daily Slave, others have upvoted my DailySlave posts from my Disqus thread. More fertile fields there.

          • razorrare says:

            And some of those amren posters who upvote you also upvote engelman…just read all the lame comments to Taylors article,What I like about blacks…


          • Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

            Oh, it was probably posted – but deleted immediately.

            I imagine there were many posts deleted from that AmRen thread.

          • razorrare says:

            No…this thread was posted two days later after the ron unz/jared taylor thread was posted…i was there when the ron unz?Taylor article was posted was posted…nothing but lame comments….sorry. I will post that link here soon…This thread was posted two days later…


          • Chip Carver says:

            AmRen…they constantly remove posts of mine if they get too close to naming a wonderful group of smiling people who should never be named. Glad I found this site. I suspect I’ll be banned from there soon enough. Again. lol

            I am really starting to wonder if in fact the site is a honeypot. Not that it matters these days. With lightning speed they deleted my remarks about LBJ rubber stamping every bit of bolshevik legislation that crossed his desk – yet when the hasbarats would gather round and fire off their amateurish insults and fake oh-so-rational conversations amongst themselves, those posts sit untouched, even if openly hostile in the most vile way toward Whites. Who the hell is running the show over there these days?

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

            Good to see you here.

            Everything you ‘ve said is true.

            Stick around Chip. There are some fantastic posters on this forum, many of whom have been banned from AR. You can speak your mind here and hasbarat trolls are not tolerated.

            I’ll look forward to reading more of your posts. This site is like an oasis for us – Daily Stormer too.

  6. Jude_Fetzen says:

    Adolf Hitler Truthers Gathering – Part 3 – Zionists Created Communism


  7. Erin Dakins says:

    Great truths! Check out the books “The Myth of German Villainy” by Benton Bradberry and “Hellstorm” by Thomas Goodrich as they bring the real truth out to those who wish to know! Then go on radio and share information on the holocaust that wasn’t and see how fast the khazars/zionists attack!

  8. Chris says:

    I would like to share a book I ave just found that looks amazing. It is the rag to riches story of the Jews.


    I haven’t read it yet but have heard nothing but great reviews from people who I trust.

    • Guest says:

    • Chris says:

      Both Books the first one deals with their roots and the second one deals with how they gained influence in the early civilizations. The third one is about how the havoc and destruction they have caused Europe from 1000-Present. The third one is set to come out in 2016

  9. mancinblack says:

    If Germany had won – Freedom and Liberation.


    • Augur Mayson says:

      That was a very interesting question you just asked two different places exactly the same way asking for feedback about Creativity’s flag and getting feedback about both the flag and the philosophy from two different sites that think they’re both pro-white.
      Interestingly you got two sharply different sets of responses, at the one pro-white site you got warm and receptive salutes about the philosophy with respectful but candid critique of the flag’s aesthetics, whereas at the other “pro-white” site you got quite negative feedback about both from pretty much everyone, with the open mocking of the flag itself and the philosophy.

      • mancinblack says:

        This link will explain why. My reply to ‘Reverend Jane’ where I make her aware of what I’m doing hasn’t been moderated yet, but yes, it is interesting. I ‘ll reply to the comments later


        • Augur Mayson says:

          Wow I like that Reverend Jane. No need to port over an exclusive patriarchy in the religious class, I guess. My only reason for critique was the same as you, to wish to see them succeed and grow. I didn’t get that same constructive vibe from that other site’s commenters though. I like that she doesn’t think softening our positions will do anything but weaken us. I’d say stick a Swastika right on it if I were speaking of personal preference but that might cause it to be rejected as a religious organization and considered a political organization most places, or worse. I think on further reflection the color scheme accomplishes similar without such a concrete association.
          A religion would be a way for serious pro-white whites to push for white nationalism in lots of countries, to benefit from the experiences of other pro-whites and to learn from their mistakes, to support them from afar when possible and shoulder-to-shoulder when practical, economically, legally perhaps depending on resources and membership.
          And whites are basically forbidden from being considered a protected class, so that’s why all racism charges are one way typically. Making a white religion gets around that and whites would be granted protected status as a minority group as a token of that religious classification which is paramount to obtain, to be classed as a religious organization for tax purposes, I think, would be what would secure the rights and ease of operation that a religion would be expected to have. It would be a tremendous asset for white people and could advance pro-white interests pan-ationally. The enemy we all face, that we seem to have such trouble coming together against, follows the same strategy and it is one we should mirror, organizationally that is. We need a worldwide reach of likeminded pro-white people.
          White people simply have no organization like that right now. Every other race seems to…

          • mancinblack says:

            Thought you’d like Jane, in fact you are both similar in a lot of ways. You should paste your comment on the WS site, as you’ve expressed the situation very eloquently and this is an agenda that needs pushing forward.

          • Augur Mayson says:

            If you think it has something to offer there then by all means please do feel free.

          • mancinblack says:

            Augur, my pc skills are VERY basic lol your comment does have something to offer though.

          • Augur Mayson says:

            Done. I cut and pasted both comments from that other – oh, from this thread – It’s in moderation now.

          • But they’re experts at hypocrisy.

          • Augur Mayson says:

            Very much so. But still, when they employ their doublespeak/doublethink/total B.S. methods and their hypocrisy glares like the sun, like with their treatment of African refugees there vs their minority advocacy here, like their treatment of the Palestinians, like them standing up and having pro-Israel kike judges shoot down for whites the same sort of race-based religion the Jews enjoy, it wakes some people up.

          • mancinblack says:

            There was another comment posted on that WS thread by a cross carrier. Musson made the point that only Christians Jews and Muslims are intolerant .
            I once knew a guy who was the Pagan Federation representative for inter faith group meetings. Despite having a legal right to attend such meetings his application was repeatedly blocked for almost a year. A Quaker told him that he had support from the Hindu Buddhist and Quaker members but the Abrahamics were strongly opposed. I supposed they were worried about Pagans sacrificing chickens, cos that’s Jewish territory and virgins cos that’s Muslim. The Christians just think they are better than everyone else.
            This guy told me that getting a new religion state recognition is kinda hard work – but it can be done.

          • Augur Mayson says:

            This is probably going to be one of the least useful ramblings out of me ever but I just could never get a grip on Christianity fundamentally, the basic stuff, it screams to me of fiction. Was Jesus a Jew? I dunno, the kikes who want to piss us off love to say so. Fortunately I’m mostly immune to that personally but I still reply to them against it in as much as I am able because I know it causes many whites who think like I do racially, but are Christians, distress. He was from Judea, I think. That sounds Jewy. Nicholas, I think, once rattled off a list of names out of the bible like Ezekiel and Samuel and asked me if they sounded kike or not and frankly, to me, yeah they do, very much so. Now, Mary, on the other hand, I’m thinking maybe if she was a Jew her name would have been Myra. Maybe it was…
            My God would not have chosen a Jewess to bear his offspring. No ^__^ckin’ way. Not even on the table. He would not have created me and reality and given me the ability to perceive it accurately racially as I do, which if there’s a God I consider a gift because most whites don’t currently think like we do racially, but that God would not have both given me the ability to perceive that Jews run our world, not us, that Jews are the oppressors, not us, that they run the money, the media, the politicians, the armies, the corporations, and most of the bull$hit social groups anyone might happen to sign up with in order to express their disapproval for any or all of the above. It’s very tidy. You almost have to admire it. But that God would not have chosen to let me see all this and also make me believe that He chose a Jewess to bear his one and only son. No way.

          • mancinblack says:

            I had to read the Bible..just because. Afterwards, I reflected on what I’d read and decided it wasn’t for me. However I noticed some similarities between the gospel stories and those about Dionysus, as did the Greeks. I also read a book by a Victorian vicar who went into the dying and resurrected god motif in some depth. His conclusion was that Satan, foreseeing the coming of the son of g-d, had implanted a false religion centuries (if not thousands of years earlier.).
            Later today I’m writing Macbeth. 🙂
            The only real question for me would be ‘is Christianity a suitable vehicle for white people going forward?’
            For many, many reasons I have to conclude that it isn’t.

          • Augur Mayson says:

            I just don’t see how so many white race realists who have all come in their own way to recognize the same truth, that the Jews run the world and farm us like cattle, which to us is sort of a blend of parasitism and predation, s’pose it is likewise for our cattle. We are part of a worldwide ponzi scheme the Jews have thought up that involves debt-based creation of NewWealth, like NewSpeak, it’s pretty much all on paper (1s and 0s on a drive somewhere now), they peddle in derivatives of derivatives, and the money supply only grows substantially when banks make loans. They have it rigged up to where it looks like these are responsible private bankers responding rationally to free market forces when they tinker with interest rates or when they inject cash, but since they have a global reach, and a corporate reach, the Jews control it all and it’s theatre. Jews are the man behind the curtain. The Illuminati doesn’t exist, it’s the Jews. The Masons, to the extent they do anything untoward or have, it’s ‘cuz of the Jews. The Muslims everyone complains about, they wouldn’t be here if not for the Jews and as proof of the Jew’s separate nature and ill-intent, the Jews do the opposite in Israel. The Jews did the Lavon Affair, the U.S.S. Liberty, much more terror, many killings of Iranian nuclear scientists, many motorcycle/bomb hit teams dispatched by Israel. This whole Arab Spring was theirs. The push for war in Syria, Iran, theirs. Most of us have come to think 9-11 was theirs too probably. The Holocaust was fake, faked by the Jews. And all this is true, and I do believe it, because it’s true, not out of some leap of faith.
            All that, and yet these smart undomesticated whites can’t fathom that the Jews could do all that and yet somehow they were incapable two thousand years ago of cobbling together a good creation myth, selling it, and using it for social control of the goyim.

          • mancinblack says:

            forgot to mention, I’m taking my significant other to Lucerne for a week or more on Friday so I wont be around for a while.
            Wrong time of year (I,m expecting below ) but I’m in desperate need of a change of scenery and some fresh air.

  10. tries says:

    nobody dares to go against the Jews like him…. I’m waiting for another Hitler!!!!

    • spahnranch69 . says:

      The way the Jews are behaving all but guarantees a new Hitler and Mussolini will eventually come to power. Could it be the Kikes are their own worst enemy?

      • sultan of swing says:

        are you a supporter of all of these name-calling attacks via Twitter and other social media or is it detrimental to the cause?

        • spahnranch69 . says:

          That is a very good question. I’m not sure if those attacks, as justifiable as they are, will do more harm than good. I think if you are going to insult someone online it should be done with tact and style, so as to confound the enemy.

      • Zippitydo says:

        “Yes, indeed, and what a religion!” he said scornfully. “It is the character of a people which determines the nature of their religion, not the other way around.”

        “Dostoevski,” I continued, “was compassion itself but, like Christ, he took exception to the Jews. With foreboding, he asked what would happen in Russia if ever the Jews should get the upper hand there. Would they even approximately give the natives the same rights they themselves enjoyed? Would they likewise allow them to pray in the manner they wished or would they not simply make slaves of them? Still worse, ‘wouldn’t they skin and fleece them?’ Wouldn’t they even exterminate them, as they had so often done with other peoples in their history?”

        “…The truth,” he said, “is, indeed, as you once wrote: one can only understand the Jew when one knows what his ultimate goal is. And that goal is, beyond world domination, the annihilation of the world. He must wear down all the rest of mankind, he persuades himself, in order to prepare a paradise on earth. He has made himself believe that only he is capable of this great task, and, considering his ideas of paradise, that is certainly so. But one sees, if only in the means which he employs, that he is secretly driven to something else. While he pretends to himself to be elevating mankind, he torments men to despair, to madness, to ruin. If a halt is not ordered, he will destroy all men. His nature compels him to that goal, even though he dimly realizes that he must thereby destroy himself. There is no other way for him; he must act thus. This realization of the unconditional dependence of his own existence upon that of his victims appears to me to be the main cause for his hatred. To be obliged to try and annihilate us with all his might, but at the same time to suspect that that must lead inevitably to his own ruin — therein lies, if you will, the tragedy of Lucifer.”


  11. PaleoFuturist says:

    Germany would have cared way better about all historical heritage including these artifacts of the Assyrians, who were our ancient Indo-Aryan ancestors. Pretty much everything would have been way better. All this heritage from the past would have been better preserved instead of getting destroyed in this barbaric way.


    This video features ISIS barbarians destroying Assyrian sculptures from the 6th century B.C.
    And guess what, the j3vvs are running ISIS.


    • sultan of swing says:

      you can say “jews” on DS- “kike”, “hebe”,”yid”, etc are ok too

    • Jude_Fetzen says:

      JewTube removed the video. What was it about?

      • PaleoFuturist says:

        Another user re-uploaded the video, so you might be able to watch it now: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UqJqsKCMWCA

        It shows the barbarians of the Jew-run ISIS breaking into a museum of ncient Assyrian art and filming themselves destroying all of it into little pieces. This means that all the artwork in the video is gone forever, because those uncivilised low-IQ beasts wanted to show off.
        That’s how Muslims treat and will be treating our sculptures, artifacts and monuments once they get the chance for it.
        If we manage to get our territories secured, they will be dealt with accordingly.

        This is not the first time we see JewTube’s censorship. We should fight back by downloading and re-uploading the content so that it reaches the public.

  12. Zippitydo says:

    They crucified Jesus and Hitler for the same reason: both tried to convince the jews to give up their self chosen status and join the human race. For this they are the most misunderstood and demonized persons in history, respectively.

  13. Ger says:

    A truly inspiring man.

  14. paladins gun says:

    Hilter’s idea of racial purity and Jews in high places running things were correct.
    But he was not perfect and made some big mistakes which is the trouble with dictators who think they’re more powerful and wiser than God. Example is he made a pact with Stalin so he wouldn’t end up with a war on two fronts then he turned around and attacked Stalin before he finished the war on the west which led to his demise. Secondly, you can’t say every Jew is evil and kill them all. Thirdly, you can’t give the police impunity to beat and kill you. A little diversity is good. Hitler if he won would have turned against southern Europeans next and cut their numbers. Etc.

    • joe says:

      Man, you need to study history for awhile before you post on this site,you’ll get eatin alive.Start here”no god next door”outlawed by FDR,do a quick amazon book review.”the red domination of Spain” will open your eyes to the Spanish civil war,if your serious about learning,”Hellstorm”if you can handle it.The holohoax is communist lies,watch Ernst Zundel videos on youtube,he shamed those evil liars in Canadian court,but they illegally took him to Germany and he just got out of prison after 8 years,please watch it. Truth needs no personality.

      • paladins gun says:

        I knew I would agitate a few people in here with that comment.
        But all the comments in here were all way out to far side. I had to shake it up with a little moderation.
        Sure I’d check those sites out.