IMF’s Lagarde Claims Le Pen Victory In France Would Cause Major Disorder

Published On 04/20/2017 | By infostormer | News, World News

Looks like these fools are pushing the idea that there will be major disorder and problems if Marine Le Pen becomes the next President of France. Actually, we already have major disorder and problems. There are brown people running around Europe shooting people, running them over with automobiles and blowing them up. If that’s not disorder, I don’t know what is!

The head of the IMF Christine Lagarde was claiming that Le Pen’s election would cause economic problems. Funny, these same types of people claimed that this would happen with Brexit and if Trump became President. They were wrong both times.

From CNBC:

A strong showing by far-right candidate Marine Le Pen in Sunday’s French presidential election would cause major problems, the head of the International Monetary Fund said Thursday.

“It would certainly unveil major disorder and the risk of dislocation,” IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde told CNBC during an interview at this week’s meeting of the foundation and the World Bank in Washington.

Lagarde was speaking of the possibility of the National Front leader winning enough votes to qualify for a May 7 runoff by the top two vote-getters on Sunday.

Though Le Pen’s standing in the polls has been fading recently, the prospect of a victory by the right, and the accompanying sentiment to get France out of the European Union, is one that Lagarde does not find encouraging.

“First of all, I think the (EU) project itself has protected us from the horrors of war, and we need to keep that in mind even for the younger generations which have not known any of that,” she said. “But we were at our throats for centuries.”

This is all hogwash. There’s going to be all out race war in Europe unless nations begin electing nationalists. We need to remove the Black and brown menace plaguing Europe.

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