Jew David Pakman Cries About Getting Jewed By JewTube’s New Ad Algorithm!

Published On 04/17/2017 | By infostormer | Jewish Problem, News

The Jew York Times did a report on how JewTubers are getting Jewed by JewTube’s new ad algorithm!

This ad algorithm change was designed to ensure that racist Nazi folks can’t profit off of hate speech and other faggotry. Turns out that there are lots of people who are getting Jewed by this. That includes the Jew David Pakman who is whining about how his ad revenue plummeted over 90 percent since the change!

Now you know how it feels to get Jewed David! Good luck continuing your operations! lol

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Notable Replies

  1. I love when the kikes get kiked by their own.

  2. Hoist on their own petard, too bad!

  3. Boo Hoo. He's only cried a mere 2 million tears. If he offered lampshades or soap as gear to increase revenue I might consider a purchase.:grin:

  4. What a typical jew, always peddling something, always sniffing around for more shekels. Enjoy your new holocaust, Pac-Man.

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