Jew Gathering Centers Across Five States Evacuated After Alleged “Bomb Threats” Are Reported

Published On 01/09/2017 | By Marcus Cicero | Featured Articles, Jewish Problem, News

In the vibrant terrorist era that we now live in, even the most innocuous and point-blank retarded threats have to be taken seriously by law enforcement, no matter if they are done by random crazies, autists trying to accomplish God knows what, or rabbis and other Jewish officials looking for sympathy among the Goyim.

My guess is that none of these “threats” were actually legitimate, and were either the work of 12 year old kids looking for lulz, or were concocted by the above-mentioned Kikes in order to provide cover for some sort of ongoing scheme among the host population.

From NBC New York:

Authorities are investigating bomb threats called in to Jewish community centers in at least five states, including New Jersey, on Monday. 

The JCC on Palisades in Tenafly sent out a text alert saying it received a bomb threat shortly after noon, and that it evacuated the entire building, including a preschool, senior center and adult daycare facility for people with disabilities, as a precaution. Parents of preschoolers were told to pick up their kids and all JCC programs were canceled for the day. 

The precise nature of the threat wasn’t clear, but Chopper 4 was over the scene around 1:30 p.m. as law enforcement officers sweeped the scene. The “all clear” appeared to have been issued a short time later, as chopper footage showed people walking back into the building.

Similar phoned-in threats were reported Monday at religious centers in Florida, Maryland, Tennessee and South Carolina. No injuries have been reported and sweeps of the evacuated buildings have yielded no explosive devices.

NOTE: Goys, you know the drill by now. No threats of violence or calls for any sort of terrorism against these Jew centers and/or their members. Let’s be smart here.

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