Jew Run CNN Lies About Vote Fraud To Bash Trump

Published On 01/24/2017 | By infostormer | Featured Articles, Jewish Problem, News

The Jew run operation at CNN really needs to be shut down by the government. All they do is lie and push fake news to attack President Trump. It is an organization run by Jews that hate America. That’s literally what it is.

At the very least Trump should revoke CNN’s press pass to future White House briefings. Their questioning is always hostile and negative.

We now see CNN trying to attack the President on the basis that he believes that there was vote fraud in the recent election. They falsely state that there is no proof of this.

Really? How about Jill Stein’s Michigan recount which uncovered more cast ballots than registered voters in Detroit? That’s just one example.

You also have DNC operatives on film admitting that they’ve consistently rigged elections by busing people into poll locations.

The Democrat nomination process was rigged according to DNC e-mails dumped by Wikileaks.

Then you have illegal aliens who voted in California by way of having access to a driver’s license. One can only imagine how many illegals voted that way.

There are numerous questions about vote fraud here.

Simultaneously, CNN has pushed conspiracy theories about Russians manipulating the election to get Trump elected with no proof. CNN is the lying Jewish media and they have no place in American political discourse.

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Notable Replies

  1. The White House should at least begin with this precedent in an attempt to straighten these kikes out.

    Then sic the FCC on them if they continue to threaten national security.

  2. That fat bag of pus is David Chalian, CNN's "Political Director". Yet another CNN kike. Every fucking time. You're coming to the end of the road kikes. We're not going to tolerate you much longer.

    HOME PHONE: (202) 296-0524

    (call and play him your favorite hitler speech)

  3. Communist.News.Network=fake jews news

  4. (((C)))ommunist (((N)))ews (((N)))etwork

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