Jew Washington Compost Writer Dick Cohen Tells Us Dumb Goyim How Trump Can Be Removed From Office

Published On 01/10/2017 | By infostormer | Jewish Problem, News

The awful Jew Washington Compost writer Richard “Dick” Cohen has written a piece telling us dumb goyim how Donald Trump can be removed from office. He cites the 25th amendment claiming that Trump can be removed if the Vice President and members of the cabinet believe that he is unable to discharge the duties of the office.

The entire article is stupid because he discusses an incredibly unlikely hypothetical scenario. The topic is hardly worthy of a full article. Clearly, fake news operations like the Washington Compost have different standards.

And look at how he started the article. Just a bunch of childish name calling. Can you believe that this Jew actually gets paid for writing this shit?

Notice how these Jews haven’t had a whole lot to say about the numerous very real Constitutional violations that have taken place under Obama. Now that Trump is President, it looks as if they are going to become pseudo-Constitutional experts in order to thwart anything he tries to do. This article from Dickey Cohen here seems to be an indication of this.

Hopefully we’ll be able to pass common sense laws on banning Jews soon. The fact that they have so much influence in our media has been quite damaging to our society.

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