Jew York Times Calls Mark Dice “Fake News”

Published On 12/08/2016 | By infostormer | News, Video

Any media outlet not run by Jews is “fake news” now. It looks as if they are replacing the outdated term “conspiracy theory” with “fake news” to fool the retarded goyim.

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6 Responses to Jew York Times Calls Mark Dice “Fake News”

  1. Spahnranch69 Spahnranch69 says:

    If Dice isn’t “red pilled” on the JQ yet it won’t be long before he is.

  2. Atomic Atomic says:

    Anything that the cucked and the kiked doesn’t agree with from now on will be “fake news”.
    Just when you think the kike cannot get any sleazier.

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