Jew YouTube Personality Casey Neistat Raises $1 Million To Help Feed Somali Monkeys

Published On 03/18/2017 | By infostormer | Jewish Problem, News

Some bad news here folks. The Jew YouTube personality Casey Neistat along with some of his friends have raised over $1 million to help feed a bunch of Somali monkeys. The Jew Ben Stiller was also involved with this as well.

Hard to believe that people were stupid enough to donate a single penny to this Jew but unfortunately we have lots of naive and idiotic people out there.

I hope Neistat embezzles the money and spends it on fancy cars and prostitutes. That would be a much better scenario than if they actually feed these low IQ skinny apes. Their population levels need to be kept to a minimum. They’re already breeding like rats and overflowing into civilized societies.

I still don’t get how this Neistat kike is so popular. He looks like a Special Olympics participant!

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