Jew YouTube Personality Casey Neistat Raises $1 Million To Help Feed Somali Monkeys

Published On 03/18/2017 | By infostormer | Jewish Problem, News

Some bad news here folks. The Jew YouTube personality Casey Neistat along with some of his friends have raised over $1 million to help feed a bunch of Somali monkeys. The Jew Ben Stiller was also involved with this as well.

Hard to believe that people were stupid enough to donate a single penny to this Jew but unfortunately we have lots of naive and idiotic people out there.

I hope Neistat embezzles the money and spends it on fancy cars and prostitutes. That would be a much better scenario than if they actually feed these low IQ skinny apes. Their population levels need to be kept to a minimum. They’re already breeding like rats and overflowing into civilized societies.

I still don’t get how this Neistat kike is so popular. He looks like a Special Olympics participant!

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Notable Replies

  1. It is becoming increasingly difficult to overestimate the stupidity and gullibility of the public.

  2. URJ says:

    No way half that money went to those stupid Somalians. Also, $1 million isn't going to do SHIT for those shitskins. Most of the aid will end up in corrupt tribal warlords anyway. What a dumb fucking jew with a dumber audience. I've met a lot of kids who watch faggots like Neistat, Pewdiepie, that sand nigger who's name I can't remember... I always tell the kids that they are losers because they are twice the age of their audience. The next generation will be on of completely worthless socialite retards and true individuals with basically no middlegrround.

  3. I bet many of those who donated were gullible whites.

  4. PewdiePie destroys jews and has awakened many kids about jewbag filth
    He paid niggers to hold a "kill all jews" sign.

  5. These kikes are using money from stupid goys to finance the "breeding" of niggers to invade and destroy human countries. Look at the population of Apefrica the last 35 years.

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