John Carpenter Upset At Nazis Who Say That His Movie “They Live” Is About Jewish Supremacy

Published On 01/07/2017 | By infostormer | Featured Articles, News, Society

Film director John Carpenter is upset at Nazis who are using his movie “They Live” to expose Jewish supremacy. He claims “They Live” is about yuppies and capitalism. That’s great John, but guess who runs the banks that control this system of capitalism you speak of? They’re primarily Jewish run institutions.

It really doesn’t matter what Carpenter’s original interpretation of “They Live” was. His film has taken on an entirely different meaning as more and more people see that Jews have gained control over many of our important institutions. This includes the banking and media industries which is a central focus in the plot of “They Live”.

If you haven’t seen “They Live” yet I would encourage everyone to give it a watch. If you substitute the aliens for Jews, it actually provides great insight into how today’s world operates.

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Notable Replies

  1. One of my favorite movies! and yes its about they the JEWS! don't be a (((sellout))) Carpenter you know why you made this movie:joy:

  2. John may deny the intention, but as a Hollywood resident for so long, he cannot deny the Brutal Reality.

  3. I think someone is pressuring Carpenter to issue this denial. But who?????

  4. I don't doubt that Carpenter is sincere.

    He saw what was rotten and portrayed it. He simply never became jew wise. But in accurately portraying the facts, he ended up portraying the outcomes of jew behavior. Many of our White brothers have the exact same experience. They know something is wrong. They can see many of the manifestations, but then they incorrectly attribute it to merely capitalism or Western civilization. Some never get beyond that stage to realize it's not a manifestation of OUR people. Clearly Carpenter is one of those.

    The only inaccuracy is the hidden subliminal message "Marry And Reproduce". That one he got wrong and no doubt comes from his 1950s childhood and perception that the stronger family values of that period were somehow designed to be an evil conformity.

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