Louis Farrakhan’s Black Nationalism Explodes In Popularity Following Donald Trump’s Victory

Published On 12/18/2016 | By Marcus Cicero | Featured Articles, News, U.S. News


Occasionally, I like to read up on what the most hardcore Black Nationalists are up to, as they usually rank among the top of their race in terms of intelligence, rage, and oddly enough, respect of the White Man.

From AP:

Minister Louis Farrakhan, head of the Nation of Islam, spoke from a podium draped in the red, black and green of the Pan-African flag, a symbol of black pride.

It was the week after Donald Trump won the presidency. The result had delighted a new generation of white supremacists, and Farrakhan was analyzing the political landscape.

In a speech before the State of the Black World Conference in New Jersey, he warned, “The white man is going to push. He’s putting in place the very thing that will limit the freedom of others.” Then he pointed to the crowd, smiled and said, “That’s what you needed,” as motivation to finally separate from whites.

“My message to Mr. Trump: Push it real good,” Farrakhan said, building to a roar that drew applause and cheers. “Push it so good that black people say, ‘I’m outta here. I can’t take it no more.'”

Mikal Nash, a professor at Essex County College in Newark and author of “Muslims in Newark, New Jersey: A Social History,” said he has noticed increasing interest in “the voice of people like Minister Farrakhan much the same way there’s been an interest in the voice of Donald Trump.”

During the campaign, Trump called Mexican immigrants rapists, advocated policies that put Muslims under general suspicion and drew an endorsement from the Ku Klux Klan. The president-elect has been criticized for being slow to condemn white supremacists.

“I think people are attracted to those voices as a result of a racially polarized society,” Nash said. “This election, you could see the whole issue of race arose more than any election in my lifetime.”

During the campaign, Farrakhan sent mixed signals about Trump, indicating the minister saw some reflection of his worldview in the candidate’s rhetoric, including the Republican’s talk of a “global power structure” that has rigged the economy. Farrakhan has long promoted conspiracy theories, blaming Israel and Jews for the Sept. 11 attacks, and accusing Jews of controlling the American government.

In an extensive interview last January with Alex Jones of InfoWars, a conservative website that traffics in conspiracy theories, Farrakhan described Trump as a “businessman par excellence” and agreed with Trump’s proposal to more strongly vet refugees from Muslim countries, pointing to the resentment generated by American policies in the Muslim world.

“The hatred for America is in the streets now,” Farrakhan told Jones. “Now, if you let them in and you don’t vet them carefully, you might be letting in your own destruction.”

During a February address on Saviours’ Day, an annual event commemorating the movement’s founder, Farrakhan praised Trump for confronting Republican establishment candidates like Jeb Bush. “Not that I’m for Trump, but I like what I’m looking at, because I know by Allah’s grace where it’s leading,” Farrakhan said.

Then, he noted that Trump had previously told some Jewish leaders he didn’t need their donations for his campaign. A couple of months earlier, Trump had said to the Republican Jewish Coalition, “You’re not going to support me because I don’t want your money,” and “You want to control your own politician.”

While a large percentage of groups such as the Nation of Islam believe that Negroes could slaughter Whites to achieve their racial independence, everything I’ve heard about the subject says that the likes of Louis Farrakhan and his trusted subordinates have the exact opposite opinion in private.

They would welcome negotiations aimed at absolute segregation and partition, and it would only take a brief show of force to have them bow down to our specific terms (urban reservations and/or incentives to return to Africa).

It’s too bad that the Blacks as a whole race cannot get behind the message of Louis Farrakhan (they make the argument that he’s a federal agent), because if they did, we would likely have a full separation of the races within a couple of years tops.

What happens to them after that would no longer be my concern.

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Notable Replies

  1. Liberals have for so long been willing to give Blacks whatever they've asked for that now it will be really funny to see their reaction when Blacks start asking en masse for segregation.

  2. Absolutely Hilarious. We as White Nationalists must support the Farrakhan types as the more radical they get the better it makes us look

  3. Farrakhan wisely opposes Muslim immigration to the US knowing that it would be hard for him to convince American society that not all Muslims are terrorists with CIA-trained jihadist monkeys being brought to the US by treasonous bastard Barack Obama in order to "integrate".

  4. Push it real good, Mr. Trump!!

  5. The NOI can provide young Negro males with much-needed discipline and self-control. They certainly straightened out Brother Malcolm, at least until he found out about the "Honorable" Elijah Mohammed's not so honorable behavior behind the scenes. The NOI can also teach the coloreds to be jew-wise. So I am glad to hear that Minister Farrakhan and his brand of Black Nationalism are becoming so popular. If the Negro ever leaves the ghetto-welfare-prison plantation Uncle Shmuli and his tribe are in big, big trouble. And they know it!

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