Lying Jew Weasel Chuck Todd Claims Questioning The Media Is Un-American

Published On 02/16/2017 | By infostormer | Featured Articles, Jewish Problem, News

The lying Jew Chuck Todd from NBC is claiming that bashing the media is un-American. His comments come as a result of President Trump’s earlier press conference where he exposed them as horrible liars. It’s amazing that this asshole actually thinks he’s part of some valued institution that is beyond questioning! The First Amendment gives freedom of the press but that doesn’t give them the right not to be questioned or attacked for spreading lies!

What’s not a laughing matter is how the Jewish media has been lying to the American people for decades. It’s all over for you now. Nobody believes you and you have nobody to blame but yourselves. Respect is earned and you’ve thrown it all away with your consistently false fake news reports.

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Notable Replies

  1. It really is breathtaking how arrogant, clueless and out of touch the kikemedia is. They just cannot accept the fact that they are no longer trusted or relevant. And it's their Talmudic hatred of President Trump that's un-American.

  2. Chuck Todd should change his name to Chuck Re-todd.

  3. HWR says:

    Six Jewish Corporations Own 96% of the Worlds Media

  4. Has the lying Jew weasel Chuck Todd ever done an honest day of hard work in his entire life? I think not. Does the lying Jew Chuck Todd know what it is like to be valuable and useful to other people? Of course not. The lying Jew Chuck Todd is a PARASITE. Has he ever produced ANYTHING of value to our folk in his entire life? Of course not.

    So then, why would anyone give a damn about his worthless Jewish opinion?

  5. His loving little Yid whelper of his sorry jew ass is a Bernstein. I do believe that is the name. Kike works just as well.

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