Mama Merkel’s Massacre: Anis Amri Had Been Jailed For 4 Years In Italy, Arrested In Germany, Repeatedly Freed

Published On 12/21/2016 | By Marcus Cicero | Featured Articles, News, World News

The story of the Tataouine Terrorist Anis Amri just keeps getting more and more insane, with reports of his extensive arrest record across Europe now becoming available to the media.

According to what I’ve been able to research as of right now, Amri had been jailed for four years in Italy for setting fire to a school, had been caught selling drugs in Germany, was known by the government to be a Moslem extremist, and had attempted to purchase a gun from a police informant, and was still allowed to roam free by the forces of Mama Merkel.

In fact, he had been issued documents known as “tolerance papers” after being denied asylum by the German State; an action that puts our standard American cuckolds to shame.

Seriously, what in the name of God are tolerance papers?

Is this some sort of elaborate troll?

From Daily Mail:

The Tunisian terror suspect wanted in connection with the Berlin Christmas market atrocity spent four years in an Italian jail before moving to Germany, his father revealed today.

Anis Amri settled in Italy after leaving his hometown of Tataouine, Tunisia seven years ago to travel to Europe as an illegal immigrant, his father claimed in a radio interview.

Amri, who has a €100,000 reward on his head, spent four years in an Italian jail after burning down a school before leaving the country for Germany last year. 

Since then the 23-year-old has been arrested at least three times but German authorities have allowed the him to slip through their clutches time after time – even though Amri has been identified as an ISIS supporter known to have received weapons training.

He had been under covert for much of the time since his arrival in Germany last year. 

Security forces exchanged information as recently as last month that allegedly tied Amri to Islamic extremists, Fox News reported.

And in June German authorities reportedly tried to deport Amri after learning he was plotting a ‘serious act of violent subversion’, a source told the Washington Post.

Amri even tried to recruit an accomplice for a terror plot – and again the authorities knew about it – but still he remained at large, it has emerged. 

It is understood, Amri has used at least six different names under three different nationalities.

Berlin prosecutors announced they had launched an investigation into Amri on March 14 after receiving a tip-off from federal security agencies. 

It was claimed, Amri was planning a string of break-ins or robberies to purchase automatic weapons for use in a terror attack.

Surveillance showed that Amri was involved in drug dealing in a Berlin park and involved in a bar brawl, but no evidence to substantiate the original warning. The observation was called off in September.  

He arrived in Germany in July 2015 and was given a hearing by immigration authorities in April this year. He was denied the right to asylum and was due to be deported before the end of the year.

But under a peculiarity of the German asylum system he was granted a ‘Duldung’ or toleration papers allowing him to stay for unknown reasons.

According to BILD newspaper the German authorities were in touch with their Tunisian counterparts to get him a passport so he could be kicked out. But Tunis said it had no record of him being a citizen.

Tunisia has now been accused of delaying his extradition as it emerged that new ID papers had only just arrived in Germany today – two days after the carnage. 

Amri was put on a danger list shortly after arriving – a move which meant authorities considered him prone to extreme violence. Yet just how much surveillance he was under remains unclear.

In July this year he got into a knife fight over drugs and was charged with GBH. But he went underground before getting to court. 

Have you morons forgotten that we’ve had GPS ankle bracelets for like thirty years now?

Why wouldn’t you at least try to tag this filthy Haji if you lack the stones to execute him on the spot?

The police officers and court officials involved in this bungling should be charged as accomplices after all is set and done.

Yet he surfaced again in August in Ludwigsburg when he was arrested for possessing a fake Italian document. Again, why he was allowed to slip through the fingers of the security services, given his known affiliation to hate preachers, is unclear.

Before his vanishing act he had contact with Salafist preachers who promoted Jihad among German young men who converted to Islam.

He is known to have attended hate sermons by Abu Walaa in Hildesheimn, a recruiter for ISIS who now sits in jail on remand after being arrested last month for radicalising young men for the terror group.

Apparently Walaa wanted to send him to Syria. But he did not want to, preferring instead to formulate plans for an attack in Germany.

Another investigator said: ‘Supposedly the evidence was not strong enough to arrest him.’ 

Now, we have some serious problems here in the States with our law enforcement system, but this here is a situation that puts the sagas of Omar Mateen, the San Bernardino shooters, and the Tsarnaev Brothers (Boston Marathon Bombing) to abject shame.

Methinks that if the Germans decide to get off their well-worn knees in the immediate future, we could see the final fall of the Merkel Regime sooner than any of us could have predicted just a few days ago.

But if current trends are anything to go by, they’ll just gird themselves, swallow, and move on into a shrapnel, blood, and crushed-limbs future.

It’s really quite sad.

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  1. I'll tell you something right now.
    I am so done with this.
    I am tired of reacting and feeling out raged and even feigning sympathy for the victims past and now, the sure as hell, future ones.

    If the constituents (public) of Europe specifically those in the E.U. will not rise up and demand immediate action against the criminals that are destroying their homelands and act upon it with impunity, then they are a lost cause.

    Berlin is now under Martial Law and the idiots who had this Anus character in their clutches only to let him and his shitball buddies slip away to murder terrorize and molest the native citizens, can't get it together, what is the point of feeling outrage?

    Until I see a real effort on the part of The People to fight for their rights, my empathy will be set on hold.

    They must name the Jew or die a fool's death, with a whimper.

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