Maryland Governor Signs Law Making It Easier For Women To Fake Rape Claims

Published On 04/19/2017 | By infostormer | News, Society

What a horse shit law this is. This represents yet another case of the on going war on men in the United States of America. Maryland’s cuckold faggot governor Larry Hogan signed a bill into law that makes it easier for women to fake rape claims.

From AP:

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan has signed a number of bills that aim to make it easier to prosecute rape cases and protect victims.

The governor signed 211 bills into law Tuesday during a ceremony at the state house. Among them was one that’s become known as the “no means no” bill. The Baltimore Sun reports ( ) it eliminates the requirement that victims prove they tried to physically resist their assailants.

This law is an outright disaster. It means that sluts who regret having one night stands with men can turn around and cry rape any time they want. If they don’t have to prove that they tried to physically resist the man, they can say that any man they had sex with raped them.

What a horrible society we have. With laws like this in place, I think I’ll stick to my occasional prostitute excursions. Women have far too much power to destroy a man’s life in our country.

As recent examples, look at what women have been allowed to do to Bill O’Reilly and Alex Jones.

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