Media Weasels Falsely Claim That Peaceful Nazis Are Endangering Montana Jews

Published On 12/19/2016 | By infostormer | Featured Articles, News, U.S. News

So here we have a bunch of media weasels inaccurately reporting that Nazis are threatening the lives of innocent Montana Jews. Here’s one from the Independent which has generated a great deal of attention.

From Independent:

A white supremacist website has endangered people’s lives by posting contact details and photos of Jewish residents in a small Montana town – where the mother of white supremacist Richard Spencer lives – and has urged readers to “take action”.

The Daily Stormer, a racist website that describes Jews as a “people without shame”, cites a Daily Mail article which alleges that Sherry Spencer was considering selling her business in Whitefish, as she claimed she was suffering backlash against her son’s views. Richard Spencer is a member of white supremacist think tank the National Policy Institute, which coined the term alt-right.

The attacks focus on a group called Love Lives Here, which Ms Spencer accused of damaging her family.

The peace organisation, which is “committed to co-creating a caring, open, accepting and diverse community, free from discrimination and dedicated to equal treatment”, denied any wrongdoing.

The fascist website has posted photos, phone numbers, addresses and social media channels of members of Love Lives Here. It also posted a picture of a child and pasted yellow stars on each photo. Jewish people in Nazi Germany were forced to wear a similar yellow star on their clothing. The article told readers to “hit them up”.

This is a horrible piece of so-called journalism. Richard Spencer’s mother Sherry Spencer was being forced by Jews to sell her property because of her son’s political views. They were interfering in her business over politics. Jews were them telling people not to do business with her because her son is a Nazi etc..

The campaign to expose the Jews doing this was retaliation for their unethical behavior. Now they’re claiming that they are innocent victims whose lives are being threatened even though they were engaging in extortion.

The lives of these Jews were not threatened in any way. Andrew’s article over at the Daily Stormer goes into this in more detail. They are simply being trolled and harassed in much the same way that they have been harassing Sherry Spencer. They deserve every bit of it. For them to act innocent and for the media to report it as such is equally ridiculous. No where in the Independent article did it mention what the Jews were doing to Mrs. Spencer.

The good news is that it sounds as if the backlash against these Jews has been fairly severe. Hopefully this will teach them a lesson.


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Notable Replies

  1. I'm so sick of these disgusting hypocrites. Hope this backfires on them soon.

  2. Kikes are paranoid because they see the awakening and now have fear of a backlash after all of their anti-white nonsense. No one in America should care anything about kikes or muslims. They are both a cancer

  3. What do you expect from the (((British))) press, fair and balanced journalism?

    1. A mild-mannered White nationalist suggests that it would be good to start defending White rights, such as the right not to be exterminated. He doesn't advocate anything such as exterminating or even expelling Jews, or violence against non-Whites.

    2. A group of Jewish supremacists, haters and extortionists, led by Tanya Neal Gersh (Rosenstein), target the White nationalist's mother, who does not even support her son's political views. Gersh threatens the mother, telling her that if she does not sell a mixed-use facility that she owns in Whitefish, Montana, then 200 protesters and national media would show up outside and drive down the property value, until she agrees to sell. Gersh also demands that the mother must publicly denunciate her son in a statement written by a "human rights" organization that Gersh is involved with, and that she must make a donation to that organization from the sale of the property. Even though the mother has never expressed any intention to sell and nothing has been published, she receives a sales offer on the same day that Gersh first contacts her. Gersh, at this time, is a real estate saleswoman, and even offers to donate "much of" her commission to "human rights networks". Thus, Gersh is guilty of extortion and harassment.

    3. In the inevitable backlash, Gersh is fired or suspended from her job with PureWest Real Estate. The company's website had a page for their agent Tanya Gersh, which was still active and was cached by Google on December 16, but by December 17 had been taken down and was redirecting to the company's front page. Gersh is also no longer listed on their page of agents or on their page of agents for Whitefish. A cache of Google's cache is here. Gersh cannot deny being a real estate saleswoman.

    4. Jews start whining and crying about racism, fascism and supremacism, even though they are the ones who have been practising it against their opponents. True to form, the Jewish press lies about the Daily Stormer, claiming that it posted personal addresses when it did not, and claims that Jews are being "attacked". The Jewish press claims that "the Holocaust [...] began with words", and describes the "incident" in Whitefish as "the latest in a string of white supremacist-motivated hate crimes in the run up to and the election of Mr Trump".

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