Merkel Muss Weg: Nationaist Protests Erupt Outside Mama Terrorist’s Office After Berlin Truck Attack

Published On 12/21/2016 | By Marcus Cicero | Featured Articles, News, World News

Despite being the work of a Moslem terrorist, the responsibility for the Berlin Truck Attack must be directly placed at the feet of Chancellor Angela Merkel, who enabled this sort of chaos through her sick agenda of open borders and encouragement of mass immigration.

Moslem insurgents are only acting out due to a biological and religious imperative to destroy all those understood to be genetically superior, and are only handed this much strength and reach due to invitations from internal traitors.

If they were banned from the West, their violence would be confined to their homelands, which would merely continue with the incessant strife that has existed since the rise of Islam roughly 1400 years ago.

From Daily Express:

Crowds have gathered outside the Chancellory in Berlin just two days after the Berlin terror attack.

Supporters of the Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) party are demonstrating outside Angela Merkel’s office.

Placards reading “Merkel must go” are being waved in the crowd.

Others read “protect borders” and “On Merkel’s hands is the blood of her people”.

People are also holding placards with the logo of the far right Identitarian movement (Identitaere Bewegung) reading “It’s enough” and “How many times again”.

It comes two days after 12 people were killed in the German capital when a lorry ploughed into a busy Christmas market.

ISIS later claimed responsibility for the atrocity as right-wing critics attempted to link the attack with Angela Merkel’s open-door immigration policy.

AfD party leader Franke Petry said Mrs Merkel is finished in the wake of the terror attack. 

She said the the country was no longer safe and “radical Islamic terrorism has struck in the heart of Germany” as ISIS claimed responsibility for the massacre. 

“We cannot go on denying there is a link between Merkel’s migration policy and these attacks, or we will prepare that ground for more of these attacks.”

It remains to be seen if these grassroots protests expand in size, or whether they fizzle out after a few days of outrage.

One does hope that the German people get off their knees sooner rather than later, as their time is rapidly running out due to the speed of the Moslem invasion and their rodent-like birthrates.

It would be nice to see Germany restored to even a semblance of their former glory, because the alternative would be to seal off the entire nation until the Russians could move in for a great Kebab Removal mission.

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